The Great Fight

Its Ramadan. Every Saturday, we (me and my family) go to the local masjid, to break our fast, and to eat dinner and pray Magrib. After dinner, my two brothers and I walk over to the musaluh, so we can fight the “Duh duh heads” I call them. There are four boys, which names all start with an ‘A’. Their names are:

Adnan (The soccer dude who teams up with Audil, the chum-bucket)

Arif (The sometimes-peaceful-crazy-lunatic)

Afif (The phone crazy duh duh head)

Audil (The chum-bucket)

Crazy? But they are all brothers! Adnan is Afif’s brother, and Arif is Audil’s brother. Sometimes, we play dodge-ball with them. There is another family with three boys that usually come over, and they are super-fair, but I don’t know why they don’t come, since its way more fun to play dodge-ball with them. Last time I went to the masjid, they beat me up, and broke the frame of my glasses, and I had to get new ones. I had to beat them up badly, so I could get revenge for them breaking my glasses, but I have to wait until every Saturday, because that’s when the masjid has Iftar. On Eid, they give out toys or games to the kids, but the older kids get gift-cards. I hope I get a gift-card or like three-hundred dollars. I need the money to save up for my quad-copter! Well, I really hope I get revenge. I’ll probably smash their heads in, enough to make them stay away from me. Just joking!


How to make a cat tree.

How to make a cat tree.


Eight 2×4’s, 6×12 square feet of carpet, Inch long screws, one big sheet of wood, circular saw (or manual saw), electric screwdriver, electric sander, hot glue gun, staple gun, 100 feet or more of scratchy rope, and one cat.


On the sheet of wood, draw out the base of the cat tree with a ruler or tape measurer; usually one or more square feet. To save space, draw it in the corner of the piece of wood. Now draw the top of the cat tree, making sure that it’s the same size of the base. Using the circular saw, cut out the base and the top.


After you’ve cut out the base and the top, take one 2×4 and position it in the corner of the base. Then screw it in. Do that to all of the sides until you have an upside down table. Then screw the top onto all of the 2×4’s.


Using the scratchy rope, wrap it tightly around one leg, hot gluing it to the leg every ten wraps so it will be secure. When you get to the top, cut the rope and glue the end to the leg. Now cut the carpet according to the size of the top. Make sure that the carpet is about three inches more than the top. Using a scissor, Carefully cut a three-inch diagonal line in each corner of the carpet, so you can wrap it over the edges of the top. Neatly staple the carpet onto the wood top, pressing down hard to hold better. Use hot glue to secure the carpet underneath the top and base.


Do the same for the base. Now measure out the bottom of the base and cut a piece of carpet the right size to hot glue to the bottom of the base. This is so that the wood won’t scratch against any floors. With more carpet, wrap it around each of the legs to your cat won’t scratch itself on the wood.


Measure out the bottom of a 2×4 and on the carpeted top floor in the corner, cut the measurements out. Take another 2×4 and either glue it or nail it to the top of the cat tree where you cut the carpet out.  Do that to all of the corners. You now have another floor added to the top.


With some sheet wood, screw it into the 2×4’s on the top floor, so that you have a wall. Repeat that three more times. Sand down the walls or carpet it on the inside and outside. Cut a door for your cat into the top wall. Make sure your cat can fit in. Sand down the edges of the hole. On the roof, you can use cardboard to make a slanted roof or add another level.


Use the remaining sheet wood and make stilts to lift the cat tree higher. Carpet the bottom of the stilts. Put the cat tree against a corner to support the cat’s weight. Your cat will love it! You can also hang cat toys on your cat three. If you have two cat trees; you can make a hammock bridge to connect one to the other.

The End.