The raid of the fierce 1$’s

Hey, don’t stop reading this! This blog may sound real funny, but it is NOT. This should have happened to one person or another in their lifetime, including poor me. So I was outside, selling The Incredible Veggie-boys, and The Witch’s Curse. I wrote and published those two books by the way. I was saving up for a Phantom Standard 3, which was 518$, including the protection plan (I really needed that). I already had 146 phmhm! Suddenly, something jumped off of my table and onto me! It landed on my nose, and I had to go cross-eyed to see what it was. I strained to see, but I only saw a one dollar bill! I was really surprised. A one dollar bill? Suddenly, it sprouted arms and legs and started rummaging in my breast pocket! I had about a hundred dollars in there! The one dollar bill started stealing it! I was too shocked to even move! Then, after the one dollar bill had stole all of my hard earned money, it jumped off of me, and started running across the table. It was trying to get away! I had to stop it! The dollar bill dumped the dollar bills I earned in the grass, where they suddenly started forming into people! Sort of like origami. Then, they started separating into small groups, and ran into my house! I had left about a THOUSAND dollars of my saving’s account! They to formed into raiding parties, and ran out of my house. I knew that the evil guys would rule the world! They would contained every single dollar bill of the world in their group.

The Quadcopter

I am saving up for a Quadcopter. Its $129.99, but I already have $54.75, so all I need is 85.24 left. I can just sell nine books or more of my Witch’s Curse, and I can buy the Quadcopter! On Flash, I made a banner for the table I’m going to set up outside in our front lawn. Here is what is says:

The Witches Curse Banner.jpg

Hopefully, I can print out one big one and tape it to a stick, so that when people pass by in their cars, they can see what I’m doing. Last time I was selling my book in the front lawn, I sold my Veggie-Boys book, about ten of them, but I only need nine, and this is a different book with a more awesome cover, so I bet I can sell fifteen copies or more.

The Quadcopter is really awesome. Here is the link to the drone:

You can hook up your phone to the Quadcopter, and I will give you 720 live video stream. The only thing I don’t like about it is the charge time. But I can probably get two more batteries so I don’t have to wait when the battery is charging. I can just put another one in, and keep on flying. So that’s really THE END…

Krat the rat and his misadventures (WARNING: BLOOD AND DEAD CATS)

Chapter Two

Krat the rat bawled his little, red, puny eyes out. He can gotten teased by the school bullies! And they had tried to eat his tail! Krat was exhausted. He wanted to beat up those cats so much, and chew on their bones when he was done killing them. He looked through the window, and saw that the cats were still laughing.

Suddenly, Krat has a huge burst of energy. His eyes glowed red, and he jumped out of his room in the attic. All of the cats stared at Krat. He had somehow gotten a Ratana! A fierce weapon similar to a Katana, but a scaled down version, and made just for rats. All of the cats stared at Krat, because he looked just so fierce. Krat landed on top of the school bully’s head, and lobbed it off. The cat made a disgusting gurgling sound, as the head rolled to the floor. All of the other cats looked at Krat in surprise, and started to run away, but Krat was to fast and hungry for more beheaded cats. He chopped off the tail of one cat, which collapsed, and sliced through the ears of one cat. Krat started laughed a evil laugh so evil, that even the evilest person in the world of evil would be jealous. Then Krat woke up.

Krat the Rat and his Misadventures

Chapter One

Krat the rat was a little weird for a rat; He chewed on cat bones,  flossed his teeth with cat hair, and wore cat ears for shoes and hats. As you can guess, Krat hated cats. He hated cats so much, he would be happy if he was locked up in a jail with a kitten.

Krat’s family, the Boyiers, hated Krat as much as Krat hated them, and Krat hated them as much as he hated cats. Krat and his family lived on the outskirts of kittenville, a huge town that only cats lived in. Everyday, cats would stream out from their school, and would started hunting for mice. The Boyiers would have to be extremely cautious, and not venture out of their house, or else they would get eaten by cats. But Krat never listened to his family. Whenever the cats would come by Krat’s house, Krat would jump out the top window, and try killing the cats. The the cats would just laugh at Krat, and try to step on him. Every day, Krat was humiliated by cats, and whenever he came inside, he would shamefully walk up to his room, and bawl his eyes out. Krat wanted to be an adventurer, just like Robinrat Cruelness, the great adventurer. Robinrat had been stranded on an island, but he had escape on a piece of cheddar cheese. Every mouse and/or rat in the world was very fond of their hero, everyone except Krat that is.

The Airport

The Airport

Today, my mom had lessons with Mr. Mike, the aviation teacher. Last year, he taught me at Frankfort High, aviation class. I got up early to do our work. Himi made breakfast, and I finished my math. Then we all piled into our blue van and drove to the airport. Idris didn’t bring his math or writing on purpose, so he didn’t have to do any work while we were there. I guess he wanted to just watch TV while I did my work.

We ate breakfast in the Break Room while my Mom started the Piper Cherokee airplane and started flying. I had a couple of dollars in my pocket from when I went to the post office, and I wanted to buy a candy, but I didn’t because I didn’t want to waste my money. Today, the guy who wanted the Aerial Imaging logo is going to pay me thirty dollars. I can’t wait! I am also going to work on Robots vs. Zombies. I’m going to add some power-ups, a menu, coins to collect so you could buy some new guns, and an intro.

Veggie-boys 3 Sneak Peak

After the defeat of Mr. PC, the Veggie-boys were completely famous. Everyone wanted a autograph, because it was worth more than a million dollars. Robbie and Matt were worn out from writing, and Matt’s wrist was spraining and covering in pen ink. Last Saturday, a tourist mob had demanded a couple of pictures with the superheroes, and Robbie and Matt had to fly away to save themselves from getting trampled. “I’m so tired,” Robbie complained, resting on his chair in his house. Matt was no better. His hair was all scraggly, and he looked like a homeless person, except with a superhero costume on.

“This needs to stop,” groaned Matt. His pet Waffle, (Which Robbie had found in a deserted alleyway) was licking Matt’s hair, so instead of looking like a homeless person, he looked like a punk rock-star.

Robbie got, and turned on the television. The news channel came to live, and the usual reporter, Matt Samson, blabbered into the microphone. “It appears that a huge rainstorm has passed over Florida, and is heading toward Kentucky,” Samson said. “Some scientists have detected large amounts of soda that has replaced the rain.”

Robbie looked at Matt, who had eyes as wide as dinner plates. “We better get ready! This might be a villain that needs to be defeated!” Robbie and Matt raced off, with Waffle trailing behind them.