Trion 69

Far far away, in a galaxy about a million light-years from The Milky Way, there existed a planet called Trion 69. Trion 69 was about as big as the sun itself, but it had lush green forest and lively city with skyscrapers that went out of its atmosphere.

There were four parts of the planet. The first part, called the Aleoi, was inhabited by aliens of all species, as was not the place you would want to visit. The Aleoi was known for its crime rate and super-tall buildings. Every day, about one hundred thousand to one million crimes would happen, and the since there was no police department, the criminals couldn’t be stopped.

The second part, called the Felioae, was home to all types of cats. Persians, Regular house-cats, Sphinx, you name it. Felioae didn’t have skyscrapers like Aleoi, but it had the record breaking jungles of the time. The whole city was a huge jungle, and you couldn’t go two feet without spotted a Boa Constrictor. Luckily for the cats, they were huge and strong, and could easily kill their prey, which consisted of minced Python (Yes, the snake), Wild boar pie, which the Felonains had for breakfast, and Hammer-head shark soup, which was a delicacy.

The third was was named Beastopoliz. Every time a human or robot scout had gone to that continent,they would never come back. So that’s why everyone, including the humans, called it that.

The last, but not least, was Oceanaris. It was a humongous body of water, that was currently ruled by fish. Funny right? But no. These fish are 100 times stronger that a Great White Shark, and could bite through titanium like it was butter. No one, not even the Beasts of Beastopoliz dared to cross there territory.