The Great Fight

Its Ramadan. Every Saturday, we (me and my family) go to the local masjid, to break our fast, and to eat dinner and pray Magrib. After dinner, my two brothers and I walk over to the musaluh, so we can fight the “Duh duh heads” I call them. There are four boys, which names all start with an ‘A’. Their names are:

Adnan (The soccer dude who teams up with Audil, the chum-bucket)

Arif (The sometimes-peaceful-crazy-lunatic)

Afif (The phone crazy duh duh head)

Audil (The chum-bucket)

Crazy? But they are all brothers! Adnan is Afif’s brother, and Arif is Audil’s brother. Sometimes, we play dodge-ball with them. There is another family with three boys that usually come over, and they are super-fair, but I don’t know why they don’t come, since its way more fun to play dodge-ball with them. Last time I went to the masjid, they beat me up, and broke the frame of my glasses, and I had to get new ones. I had to beat them up badly, so I could get revenge for them breaking my glasses, but I have to wait until every Saturday, because that’s when the masjid has Iftar. On Eid, they give out toys or games to the kids, but the older kids get gift-cards. I hope I get a gift-card or like three-hundred dollars. I need the money to save up for my quad-copter! Well, I really hope I get revenge. I’ll probably smash their heads in, enough to make them stay away from me. Just joking!

The Quadcopter

I am saving up for a Quadcopter. Its $129.99, but I already have $54.75, so all I need is 85.24 left. I can just sell nine books or more of my Witch’s Curse, and I can buy the Quadcopter! On Flash, I made a banner for the table I’m going to set up outside in our front lawn. Here is what is says:

The Witches Curse Banner.jpg

Hopefully, I can print out one big one and tape it to a stick, so that when people pass by in their cars, they can see what I’m doing. Last time I was selling my book in the front lawn, I sold my Veggie-Boys book, about ten of them, but I only need nine, and this is a different book with a more awesome cover, so I bet I can sell fifteen copies or more.

The Quadcopter is really awesome. Here is the link to the drone:

You can hook up your phone to the Quadcopter, and I will give you 720 live video stream. The only thing I don’t like about it is the charge time. But I can probably get two more batteries so I don’t have to wait when the battery is charging. I can just put another one in, and keep on flying. So that’s really THE END…

Game Types

Dungeon Crawler:

A scrolling RPG game where you shoot enemies, level up, talk to people, go on quests, and upgrade your weapons.

Bullet Storm:

A one-screen shooter where you shoot enemies and level up and upgrade until you can’t anymore.

Head to Head Combat:

A fighting game where you use any type of weapon. Two player, or player against CPU, sort of a platform game.

Maze Runs:

Find your way out of a pre-made maze before the time runs out, or you get eaten by monsters.


A single player which is stuck in place, shoot targets consistently for good scores or until you loose.



Robots vs. Zombies

Robots vs. Zombies



I was working on a new pixel game on my -Spyder- account. Then, amaquate asked me if I wanted to collab. I did. I told him that I was working on a new pixel game, Robots vs. Zombies. He would do the code for the Zombies to follow the player, and I would do the art. The next day, you could jump, zombies could kill you, and you could shoot them to death.

Then we had to leave to Cincinnati so my dad could go to class at NKU. I brought my laptop so I could work on Robots vs. Zombies in the car. When we got there, I found a really cool website called where you could draw your own pixel art for free! Idris loved it, and when we got home, I drew a zombie sprite for the game, because the other zombie drawing was horrible. Then we when out on a walk. My dad told me to make the player jump back and make a hurt sound when the zombies touched you. Then I made it so that you could change guns, and the second gun was a laser gun. It shot a bunch of laser that could quickly kill the zombies. Now I have to make it so you can have two players, a menu, some coins you pick up to buy a new gun, and a intro.