Emperor Sasha + Virtual Reality

There once lived a cat named Sasha. But she wasn’t just a regular house-cat that sits around doing nothing but eating and sleeping. She was the Emperor of Kitty-land! Yes, Kitty land is a state, but by human beings, its called Alaska. From space, it almost looks like a cat-treat! Emperor Sasha woke up from her night’s sleep, hungry and thirsty. She snapped her paws, if cats can even do that, and instantly her loyal servants, Meow Meow (Sasha called Meow Meow M&M) and Knickers strutted into the room, carrying a platter of fresh cardinal soup, scrambled frog eggs, and mice crackers. Sasha divided the food amongst herself, M&M, and Knickers, and they ate in silence. Sasha finished off the last spoonful of her soup and gave the rest of the mice crackers to Knickers, a heavy eater. Then Sasha showered up, calling the Clumber (Cat + Plumber) because she had clogged the drain with cat hair. Then she got dressed in her majesties royal clothes and rose to her throne. But she had nothing to do because the library was closed, so she couldn’t read a book. She whipped out her phone from her ear, because cats in Kitty land stored their phones in their ear, a very unlikely place that muggers and criminals would look for valuables. She texted her friend Kita, and then played “Kitty Run”, a game made by i-Pawd, a famous game developer. It was a game where you put on those virtual reality goggles and had to collect coins like Pokemon. Something hard bumped against Sasha. Or the opposite way around. She took of her goggles and stared the trapdoor that she had just stepped on. The trap-door fell open and Sasha screamed as she fell into a trap filled with snakes and spiders.


Never EVER play Pokemon Go or any virtual reality game, or you will end up like Sasha, who is now a head of bones and blood. But then in the end, since cats have nine lives, Sasha’s body got reformed and she lived again, never to play Pokemon Go or any other games.


Death of The Quadcopter

My family and me drove to Cove Springs Upper Park, so I could fly my drone. I jumped out of the car, excited to show off my quadcopter to Grandpa. I imagined him cowering under the propellers of the drone.

I ran over to the field. One side of the huge foot-ball size field was tall grass, the grass about two feet tall, land the other side was cut. I made sure not to get too close to the power-line. I took off of the grass. I was recording a video, luckily. The drone rose into the air. I should have known where the return home button was before I started flying, or how to stop the propellers. I rose about fifty feet in the air, and then did a front flip. Then I pressed the forward switch, and the quadcopter started to fly away from me! I tried to fly the other way, but nothing worked! The quadcopter was clearly wasn’t listening to me. I tried to turn toward me, but it wouldn’t work. It must have gone past the radio range! I ran after it. There was a huge treeline that surrounded the upper park, and the quadcopter started flying toward it. I tried everything I could. The video disconnected. The drone flew over the treeline, and away from me. The battery could only last less than ten minutes, so it must have not gone far. But there was MILES of trees to travel over. I though it must have landed in a neighborhood. I wish I had put a tracking device on it, so I could track it and get the drone back. When we got home, I had looked everywhere on the park for the quadcopter, but couldn’t find it. This was my first drone flyaway. In the morning, I wrote a letter to MJX, and asked them for either a refund or a replacement drone. Now, I’m going to save up for a DJI Phantom Standard 3, because its way easier to fly. I only have to save 247 dollars more. Hopefully, I can find the drone, and send it back to the MJX company, and they will give me a refund for the drone, which was 130 dollars. Then I will only have 117 dollars to save. That I can easily accomplish by selling ten books, or by teaching my sister piano. I get 48 dollars a month. Plus, I teach a kid named Lucas scratch, 7 dollars an hour. I bet I can do this…



Sandy was a huge fat coward. She lived in a cage with Shooey, who was also a coward. One time, Shooey had broken out of his cage, and pooped on the floor. He also flew out the window, but he was so dumb, he flew into the wall instead, even though the window was wide open. Then Shooey had been under house arrest for the whole week. He had been pacing around the cage like a mad-parakeet, and thinking up of a plan to destroy his human pets. But he didn’t have enough brain-power to think up a plan. Both of the parakeet’s brain was 100 times smaller than an atom, but Sandy’s brain was 100,000,000 times smaller than Shooey’s brain. “Rattle meh bones!” Shooey squawked like a coward. His pupils dilated, and he forced out a huge poop from his white bottom, which landed in the cowardly food of the birds. “Shooey, BUM YOU!!!!” Sandy squeaked. She jumped on Shooey’s back, and started pummeling him with her wings. “BUM YOU SHOOEY!!!” Sandy ranted each time her fist collided with Shooey’s head. His brain rattled around in Shooey’s head. Shooey fell from the wooden perch, and Sandy hit him one more time, and flew off. Shooey hit the ground with a sickening thud, and spit flew out of his beak. His pet owners screamed in fright when they saw poor Shooey on the ground, almost hit to death by the coward Sandy, who snickered when she saw Shooey getting carted off to the hospital.

Five weeks later, Shooey was released from the hospital, but he had metal bones now. All of Shooey’s bones had been broken, and the doctors had to replace them with steel. Now, Sandy could never break his bones. His eyes had also been replaced with glass, and his brain was 1,000 times bigger. As soon as Shooey arrived in his cage, he sought revenge. Sandy was asleep, snoring. Shooey snuck up on her, and started punching her beak as hard as hulk hits concrete. Sandy’s beak cracked in half, and Shooey started kicking her in the soft vulnerable stomach. Foam and other weird stuff started spewing from Sandy’s now broken beak. The big gut flew from Sandy’s mouth, and hit Shooey in the beak. He lapped up the blood with his crocodile tongue, and chewed on the large intestine with his razor sharp beak. Sandy died happily after, but not before she squawked: “Bum you Shooey.”