Diary of an Alien

Chapter Five



We had arrived at the seaport in Beastopoliz, where the rude King lived. Beastopoliz was crammed with all sorts of alien creatures, and most of them were not nice. That’s why me and Luci had to wear alien disguises, so we would blend in with the alien crowd. “Do you really think this will work?” Luci whispered into my ear when we were walking in the street leading to the palace of the King. “I hope so,” I whispered back.

The palace was huge as we passed some panhandlers (Yes, aliens are poor) and entered the courtyard of the King. “Get your weapons ready!” I warned Luci. I myself turned on my weapon (The high-tech grappling hook) and pulled my shirt sleeve down over it so no one could see it, then we walked into the building.