Flying The Quadcopter

Today, I’m going to actually fly my drone! I bought it off of Amazon for 130.00 with my own money, and the package arrived yesterday! I’m soo excited. In my second post, The Quadcopter, I told you about how I bought it. I’m going to tell you how I’m going to fly it. I might even put a picture of the drone up here!

I’m going to make my own company called Aerial Images, where I take photo’s of anything for money. I got rechargeable batteries for the remote, because I would run through regular batteries super-fast. I also have a live video stream! I can see exactly where the drone is by just looking at the phone I connect to the drone. That way, if I don’t see it, I can still fly without looked at the drone, by just looking at the phone, which is connected to the Quadcopter’s camera. I can do 3D flips, even with propeller guards and a camera on! I went to my dad’s job to fly it, because there is less trees and obstacles in the way. Last dinner, I showed the quadcopter off to my Grandpa, but I crashed into the ceiling. The quadcopter is REALLY responsive. I don’t know the range, but if it disconnects, the quadcopter will slowly float to the ground, or I can press “Return Home” and it will automatically return to where I took it off of. Its really sad that I can only fly up to 400 feet, but if the FAA says that, I have to do that.

The Featured Image on this blog is actually what the drone looks like. I drew it on Adobe Animate/Flash, and added the cool eyebrows and mouth. The eyes are really on the drone. You can look it up. They light up when you start the drone, and it looks AWESOME in the nighttime. I’m going to share the drone with my brothers, but not my sisters because they don’t even know what a “Quadcopter” is or what it does. They are little kids.

Waffles for breakfast

Waffle, who was Sasha’s sister, absolutely loved Waffles. From the first time she had tasted them with log cabin syrup to now, Waffle was in a trance of eating Waffles everyday, for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. Sasha, who like pancakes instead, always tried to figure out ways to separate Waffle from her Waffle mix, but it was as impossible as counting to one hundred in a second. It was Waffle’s second serving of Waffles. “Are you EVER going to stop eating Waffles Waffle?!” Sasha was going crazy now. She was so tired of Waffle using up the pancake mix when she ran out of Waffle mix to make her pancakes that Sasha was steaming. Sasha flung a Waffle onto Waffle’s face, which got some syrup on Waffle’s curly black hair, but Waffle didn’t care. She just peeled the sticky Waffle off of her face, and cut it up into slices, eating them all.

Sasha was not at school either. Waffle was still wondering where Sasha could be when Waffle’s best friends, Katy and Amy walked up. Katy was exactly Waffle’s age, eleven, but Amy was a year older than the two friends. “Have either of you seen Sasha?” asked Waffle. Amy nodded no, but Katy said: “Last I heard, your sister was in a mad frenzy shopping for pancake mix at the super-market!” Katy spilled out. “What?!” They all walked to the cafeteria, which was really clean, to eat lunch, discussing ways to calm down Waffle. Even after lunch, they had still not found a way to calm down Sasha.

“See you later!” Sasha called to them as they walked to their science class. Sasha saw Micah, the class clown, sticking pencils up his nose.


Sandy was a huge fat coward. She lived in a cage with Shooey, who was also a coward. One time, Shooey had broken out of his cage, and pooped on the floor. He also flew out the window, but he was so dumb, he flew into the wall instead, even though the window was wide open. Then Shooey had been under house arrest for the whole week. He had been pacing around the cage like a mad-parakeet, and thinking up of a plan to destroy his human pets. But he didn’t have enough brain-power to think up a plan. Both of the parakeet’s brain was 100 times smaller than an atom, but Sandy’s brain was 100,000,000 times smaller than Shooey’s brain. “Rattle meh bones!” Shooey squawked like a coward. His pupils dilated, and he forced out a huge poop from his white bottom, which landed in the cowardly food of the birds. “Shooey, BUM YOU!!!!” Sandy squeaked. She jumped on Shooey’s back, and started pummeling him with her wings. “BUM YOU SHOOEY!!!” Sandy ranted each time her fist collided with Shooey’s head. His brain rattled around in Shooey’s head. Shooey fell from the wooden perch, and Sandy hit him one more time, and flew off. Shooey hit the ground with a sickening thud, and spit flew out of his beak. His pet owners screamed in fright when they saw poor Shooey on the ground, almost hit to death by the coward Sandy, who snickered when she saw Shooey getting carted off to the hospital.

Five weeks later, Shooey was released from the hospital, but he had metal bones now. All of Shooey’s bones had been broken, and the doctors had to replace them with steel. Now, Sandy could never break his bones. His eyes had also been replaced with glass, and his brain was 1,000 times bigger. As soon as Shooey arrived in his cage, he sought revenge. Sandy was asleep, snoring. Shooey snuck up on her, and started punching her beak as hard as hulk hits concrete. Sandy’s beak cracked in half, and Shooey started kicking her in the soft vulnerable stomach. Foam and other weird stuff started spewing from Sandy’s now broken beak. The big gut flew from Sandy’s mouth, and hit Shooey in the beak. He lapped up the blood with his crocodile tongue, and chewed on the large intestine with his razor sharp beak. Sandy died happily after, but not before she squawked: “Bum you Shooey.”

The Quadcopter

I am saving up for a Quadcopter. Its $129.99, but I already have $54.75, so all I need is 85.24 left. I can just sell nine books or more of my Witch’s Curse, and I can buy the Quadcopter! On Flash, I made a banner for the table I’m going to set up outside in our front lawn. Here is what is says:

The Witches Curse Banner.jpg

Hopefully, I can print out one big one and tape it to a stick, so that when people pass by in their cars, they can see what I’m doing. Last time I was selling my book in the front lawn, I sold my Veggie-Boys book, about ten of them, but I only need nine, and this is a different book with a more awesome cover, so I bet I can sell fifteen copies or more.

The Quadcopter is really awesome. Here is the link to the drone:

You can hook up your phone to the Quadcopter, and I will give you 720 live video stream. The only thing I don’t like about it is the charge time. But I can probably get two more batteries so I don’t have to wait when the battery is charging. I can just put another one in, and keep on flying. So that’s really THE END…


Sully was to tired to admit, but he was actually cold. No, not cold, freezing. You would be freezing too. It was slowly starting to snow, and Bagheera was snorting to try to get the snow off of his nose and hair on his head. Bagheera’s fur was warm, but only his butt was getting the heat. “We-e-e… L-e-t’sss g-go-o- hhh-hhome,” Sully shivered. Bagheera speed up a couple ten mach’s, and in about thirty seconds, Sully was at his home. “Seee y-you lll-later!” Sully ungreeted Bagheera, and Bagheera trotted off to his stable, still trying to get the snow off of his nose.

Sully walked inside, and was blasted right in the head with a huge wind of warm air. Sully almost collapsed with tiredness. Staying up late was fun, but it had a lot of consequences. Sully’s parents had gone out to the movies, and Sully was home-alone. He took off his shoes, and dragged his feet into the kitchen, where a dinner was waiting for him. Sully walked up to the tall wooden counter, and picked up a plate of hamburgers. Yum. Sully hated hamburgers, he didn’t know why. So he just feed it through the food chute that went straight to Bagheera’s food bowl. Bagheera loved hamburgers, or any type of meat. Sully had found Bagheera in a distant island, where his whole family was having a cruise. Bagheera had lived in the wild jungle forest, and Sully had smuggled Bagheera into the baggage of the cruise ship, and when he got home, build a secret underground bunker in the ground, where Bagheera could hide without his parents seeing him. Sully had also installed  a garbage chute into the wall that went to the bunker. He had to put a sign up that read “FOOD ONLY, NO GARBAGE”, so his parents wouldn’t feed Bagheera garbage, or else Bagheera would be really angry when he came up to fly Sully.


Sully sped through the dark night on his completely black Pegasus, Bagheera. He sought to fight the criminals who committed terrible crimes, and put everyone at justice. Bagheera whinnied in triumph at the though of kicking some bag-guys in the crotch. Sully smiled behind his black mask, and handed Bagheera a huge apple, which Bagheera chomped down and ate. Sully was wearing dark black, as dark as black could go, so he could blend into the night, and know one could see him. Literally no one could see him until it was daytime. Bagheera landed on top of the West Market Building, the tallest building in all of Kentucky. Sully and his awesome Pegasus lived in Louisville, where crime rates were more than one thousand robbers a week. And Sully and Bagheera had to stop them all. It was really hard, but every night, when everyone except the criminals where in bed, Mr. Yout, a stout Chinese man, would shine a nightlight through the clouds that was the shape of the letter S. Then Sully would know that there was a criminal on the loose, and he and Bagheera had to stop them. Bagheera could fly faster than the speed of sound, which was very helpful on some occasions. Suddenly, the white letter S soared through the sky. “Dive!” Sully said. Bagheera screeched a battle cry, and jumped from the building. They were going about Mach 5 (Five times the speed of sound) when Bagheera had leveled out. Sully turned on his CrimFinder TM goggles, which immediately zoomed to the nearest criminal. He was in a get-a-way car, speeding right on top of the Louisville bridge. Sully aimed his wrist at the car, and shot a unbreakable steel cable at the car. It latched on, and Bagheera immediately turned around in mid-flight, almost throwing Sully of Bagheera’s wings. The car that Sully had shot the cable at lurched forward, the criminal wondering what was happening. Bagheera shot ahead faster than a speeding bullet, and the car banged against buildings, but luckily, the streets were all empty except for parking cars. The bad guy suddenly jumped out of the car, which was like committing suicide going at Mach 3, and rolled onto the sidewalk. Sully pressed the automatic reel on his grappling gun, and fired it again at the criminal. It latched onto his shirt, and the burglar screamed. Bagheera whinnied something to Sully only he could understand. “No Bagheera, you can’t kick the guy in the butt,” Sully was tried hard not to laughed though. They flew to the jail, where the police was waiting to Sully. “Thanks man!” Mr. Yout waved his hat at Sully, and Sully just nodded his head in reply, and he flew off into the night.


Spider-man screamed as he landed in an alley-way surrounded by big black ugly spiders. “Get them off of me!!”

Then Spider-man woke up. Aunt May was out for the night, so she could shop at the food store. Spider-man was home alone. He jumped out of his bed, and ran down to the kitchen. Spider-man pulled open the fridge door and stared stuffing his greedy mouth with food. After about ten minutes, the fridge was empty, except for the bottled water that was half empty. Aunt May would be really steamed when she came back. Peter jumped out of the kitchen, and landed right in the living room, on the fluffy old couch. It was stuffed with the last victims of Spider-man’s wrath. You would almost feel sorry for the criminal when they got stuffed into the couch, with Spider-man sitting on the couch. Spider-man pulled out some fried potato chips, sprinkled with ham, and started munching on them. He fired his webs at the the remote, and pulled it back to the couch. The remote suddenly went off course at smacked Spider-man right in the forehead. “Yeouchhh!!!” Spider-man cried like a spoiled baby who wanted more food, and started jumping up and down on the couch.  Even a spoiled baby  could get hit in the head with a remote and not cry! That’s because Spider-man was a baby. No joking, he really was.

Fantastic Hooligans and where to find them.

HHH, that’s what I call college student that sag. Homey Hooligan Hoodlums. At the local University, KSU, Homeys think that they rule over everybody. The only place I am safe, is the Library, where my dad works as the librarian. I stroll along the hallways, keeping out watch for the HHH. I can also go into the break-room, where they might be snacks and candy for me to eat. I can go anywhere that my dad can go, with is really awesome. If a homey is ever following me, I can either go into his office, the break-room, (Because the staff is only allowed there) Downstairs in the basement, which is way creepy, into a work-room, where college students get there work done, (I could lock the door) and in the reference desk. At night, the HHH gather around the fountain in the middle of KSU  to party. They play music as loud as jet-engines, and dance around like an Indian Tribe. Sometimes, the police has to come to the party and stop it, because it gets way to loud. Those are Crazy Homeys. There are Calm Homeys, Excited Homeys, and Mad Homeys. The worst type of homey is the Girl Homey. They talk on their phone all day, and call your name when you are minding your own business. CAUTION!! If a Girl Homey ever sneaks up behind you, kick her in the shins and run, as fast as you can to whatever safe-place you can find before the Girl Homey calls the police and they arrest you. Make  sure, what-ever campus in the world you go to, this is their characteristics. And always wear football gear when walking on the side-walks. Homeys can run up and kick you! If they do that, then give them as much food as they can eat and sucker punch them in the gut. I promise you, that Homey will never ever bother you again. Then you run away, maybe to a library or a safe place where that homey can’t find you. Then drive to your home and wait for the Homey to calm himself down.



Yalow: Dawn of the Inventors

|Night eleven|

|Wave Two|

|Yayyy! We aren’t dead yet!|

So we headed off toward the east border, where I could already hear the moans and groans of zombies as they slowly invaded the city. “Oh no!” I heard Kit cry. The zombies where already out! That means that they had probably invaded some of the houses that people lived in! “Sam! Stomp!” I shouted. Sam nodded her head in agreement, and jumped about ten feet off the ground; Her boots had iron springs in them, so if she ever needed to jump ten feet off the ground, she could. When she landed on the ground, my feet almost collapsed below me. The shock-wave was that strong. I saw it travel from us, to the first wave of zombies. They suddenly collapsed, because their legs had been ripped off of their bodies. Zombie guts were everywhere, and before the wave could get up again, Sam teleported right into the mess. She stomped again, and the whole wave collapsed, unable to move. In the morning, they would melt into shadows, where they would regenerate so they could attack the next night. Yep. These zombies were invincible. They could never be killed. I was busy invented a zombie-sucker TM, which could such up the essence of the zombies after you’ve killed them, and would store it in unbreakable glass bottles.  Then, I heard the second wave of zombies. They crowded over each other as if it depended on their lives, which it did of course, and tumbled through the part of the wall that wasn’t finished yet. I turned on my force-field, which was charging all day (The more you charge it the more it lasts and the more it deflects zombie parts), and prepared my sword. It glowed like a light-saber from Star-wars, because it really was a light-saber, then it glowed purple, my favorite color. It was ready for fighting. I charged into battle, chopping down zombies like tooth-picks in a airplane propeller. Sam and Kit forgot that they were fighting, and watched as I whirled my way through the zombies. Tens and hundreds fell before my feet, and every time another wave came, they were instantly disintegrated before my force-field. Finally, the tenth and final wave of zombies were finished. I was literally five feet up in the air, standing on top of zombies bodies. Sam and Kit’s mouths were hanging open, like a garage-door. “Come on!” I turned off my force-field, which was completely depleted of battery power, but kept my light-saber on, just in case some more zombies attack. “How did you do that?”

I smiled. “Practice, and plus,  my weapons are way better than yours!” Sam slugged me in the arm. Sam’s weapon was actually better and more complicated than mine. I couldn’t teleport, or jump ten feet in the air, because I could fly! Amazing right? The battery-powered flight rings, which shot out huge amounts off air strong enough to lift a 747 (full with passengers and luggage) right off the ground and into the air, would last about twelve hours. I could go super-sonic with my flight rings. Sam and Kit each had a pair of course, but they didn’t like to fly. Kit was scared of heights, especially flying above the earth, (My flight-rings could go into outer-space, you just needed a helmet and air-supply) and Sam hated flying into birds. So I had just taken their flight rings and attached them to my hands, so I could fly backwards, and glued the other pair onto the pair on my feet, so I could fly double the speed that I used to before. I was like super-man! We walked home, and I hoped that we were having chicken for dinner.

Yalow: Dawn of the Inventors

 | Night Nine | Wave Six | Yep, we’re dead |

We are the inventors of Yalow. We are the children of the people of Yalow. We invent things to keep alive. Yes, you heard me. We invent things to stay alive. You’re probably wondering to yourselves, why? BECAUSE OF THE ZOMBIES OF COURSE!! Every night, zombies invade the city, and eat all of the food. We, Kila, Kit, and Sam invent things that even the evil President Yout’s inventors can’t invent. We try our hardest not to get attacked every night by zombies. I have invented a awesome weapon where you put it on your wrist, and it transforms into a shield and a gun that sticks out of the shield. There is also a force-field that surrounds you, in case the shield doesn’t work. The force-field can operate for about a day, then you have to charge it for about a hour, and then the whole cycle repeats again. The sword, which has a laser-gun embedded in the cross-hairs, can cut through anything. You heard me, anything. Need to get through several titanium layers? It can chop through that like a hot knife through butter. That is why it is so useful for cutting down zombies. It is as long as a real piano, but weighs a little bit more than a feather. I can just wade through the zombies like a weight through a sand-storm, and in a minute or two, the zombies will be dead, even if they are dead already. I had also made a copy of my invention, and gave it to Kit and Sam. I know, my name sounds like “Killer” but its actually Keye-La-Uh-. Kila. So yeah. It was October 22, 2019. Evening time was approaching, and me, Kit, and Sam had to prepare our weapons. Sam had invented a really cool teleportation device that could teleport you right on top of your enemies and kill them. She had also constructed a pair of boots and gloves that could kill zombies with one punch or kick. You could stomp on the ground, and a couple of zombies would die. The stomp was so strong, it could kill us, but we had to wear special shoes that would absorb the shock of the impact of the stomp of the shoes or fists, because they could punch through anything. The sun was rapidly descending, and Kit was trying to finish his weapon. It was a mine that you threw in the middle of the zombie crowd, and it would release a laser that would mutilate all of them. All of us had to wear protection that would reflect the laser and so that the laser couldn’t kill us to. “Are you ready?” I asked everyone. They nodded their heads yes, and we marched out of the modified airplane hangar that could withstand a wave of zombies until either the generator ran out of diesel, (In which case we could have to “borrow” some more from the closed down gas-station) or if I wanted it to stop (Then if I wanted it to stop, then I would pull the switch, and everyone would change into their armor and we would fight off the zombies until they were dead). The whole town was constructing a huge wall that could hold off the zombies. It was almost done, but my parents, and Kit’s and Sam’s wanted me to fight off the zombies with our inventions until the wall was finished. The wall was make out of titanium mixed with diamond, that even my sword couldn’t cut through. It also had a lava moat on the outside, so that the zombies would burn in the lava, and if they survived that, they would have to get through the wall, which had another lava moat on the top of the wall. It surrounded the whole town and the only part that was left to construct was the east wing of the city. It was only a foot or two that they had to construct, but it was taking a long time since the workers would only work in the daylight. We had to defend that area tonight. Because the rest of the wall was functioning smoothly, killing zombies every night, that was the only area that was hostile. Nobody lived there, but they would when the wall was finished. The only entrance in the wall was for the food-delivery tank. It had to be built into a tank because if there were any zombies, the tank could easily fight them off. We marched off to the east wing, and prepared to fight the zombies. I hope we can live ’till dinner, because I’m hungry…