The Free Arrow

There was once a boy named Nevile, and he never knew his own strength. One day, Nevile had purchased a bow and arrow from Bow and Arro-World, and he went to the archery park to shoot. Accidentally, he pointed the bow to the sky, and then the arrow flew into the air, and sped toward the sky. The arrow exited earth’s gravity, and bounced off of some space junk. Apollo 208 had just landed on the moon, and the arrow was headed straight toward the five-hundredth human being on the moon. The arrow was going faster than the speed of sound, but you couldn’t hear anything because there is no air in space. The arrow knocked Sergeant Williams to the ground just as he was sticking an American flag into the moon, and punctured his air-tank. Air spilled out everywhere, a milky white substance just floating around, and the arrow hit the moon’s surface. Sergeant William had enough time to get to his feet and bolt to the Apollo 208’s lunar module and get inside before the air leaked all out. He tuned into Houston’s radio, and told them that he had just got hit by a mysterious long thingy and it punctured his oxygen tank, but he got inside before he died. Nevile saw this all on the television, and he was so ashamed of himself that he turned himself in to the police, and he went to jail for the rest of his life. But then the arrow exploded. It had been the wrong type of arrow, the one that explodes. The arrow shot off the moon. There had been a high-definition camera in the arrow, and Nevile watched as the arrow sped toward another universe. And he could see it all on his phone in the jail-cell. Nevile gave the phone to NASA, which they used to explore space. They also got Nevile out of jail, and he never used the bow and arrow again.


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