The Revenge of Lil’ Billeh Junior I

Ever heard of “Billa the Bum”? Well, Billa had a son named Little Billeh, or Lil’ Billeh for short. Lil’ Billa was the complete opposite of genius, and if he ever needed to add one plus one, he would think it was purple. Lil’ Billa lived in the basement of the Empire State Building. Everyday, Lil’ Billeh would walked out, disguised as a homeless person, which he really was, people would feel sorry for him, and throw him money, and each day, he would earn a couple hundred dollars. Lil’ Billeh had amassed a fortune of just walking down the streets. People were tired of giving money to him, and they needed to get their revenge. But Lil’ Billeh had a lot of leverage. He had threatened to collapse  the Empire State Building, so people stopped mobbing him and gave him more money. Lil’ Billeh was so rich that Bill Gates was like a homeless old hag compared to Lil’ Billeh. Lil’ Billeh had some plumbers install a XXXXXXXtraLLLLLarge Jacuzzi in the basement of the Empire State Building. It was even bigger than an Olympic sized swimming pool. Billeh did laps in his pool, burning blubber and fat like nobodies business. Soon, the pool was filled with just sweat, and when Lil’ Billeh jumped in, sweat flooded the basement. One day, skinny Lil’ Billeh jumped into his pool, only to find that the sweat had been drained by the plumbers, who were tired of sweat flooding the basement of the empire state building. Lil’ Billeh tried to land on his feet, but he splattered against the bottom of the pool, shaking the whole basement of the Empire State Building. Huge tremors cracked the support beams that held up the massive building, and the Empire State Building collapsed, right on top of Lil’ Billeh. Five weeks later, the wreckage of the Empire State Building had been cleared, and his “Man Cave” had been looted of its five billion dollars.  Lil’ Billeh’s wish had come true, to one day destroy the Empire State Building, but his wish had taken his life with it.


The End.


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