The Flight Simulator X

Yesterday, the CPU for the Flight Simulator finally arrived! I set it up, but the computer only had eight GB of RAM, and we had ordered 16. I installed FSX, configured the rudder pedals and the yoke. Then I had to call Microsoft to make sure that the Flight Simulator wasn’t a copy or something. My mom is a Pilot, and she flies a Piper Cherokee, so I went to simviation.com and installed a Piper Cherokee so fly on the simulator, but something was wrong with that airplane, so I went to a different website to install the Piper Cherokee, got it on a flash drive, and went up to our room to install the airplane on FSX. But something was wrong with the rudder pedals, and whenever I tried to use the brakes, the airplane would veer to the left or right, so I got a “driver”, which was really a plugin, I thought it was a driver, and got it on FSX. But the rudder still didn’t work, so the next morning, my dad got the real driver, and now it works. On the flightsim.com website, I also saw a bunch of fighter jets, and even an Airbus 380, and the file was so big, it couldn’t even fit on the flash-drive! But something was wrong with the brakes on the rudder pedals, so I couldn’t use the brakes yet. Then I went to the local airport, took off, completed the pattern, and landed again. Without even crashing! You could choose from about fifty different airplanes, including sea-planes, Lear-jets, and even a Boeing 747. But I could only go on the Flight Simulator after 9:00. Bah!


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