Da Phantom 3 Standard and how it changed the world

Last week, the Phantom 3 Standard finally arrived in the package! I had carefully, very carefully unpacked the box, and recorded a video about it. Then I twisted on the propellers, but on the stickers on the drone body, and searched the whole house for the eight double A battery for the remote to turn on. I connected my iPhone to the drone’s camera, then me and my dad drove to Upper cove springs to fly it. It was about 2:30, and I only wanted to go at that time so that I could easily see the drone, and it wouldn’t get lost when I landed it in the tall grass. My dad and my other two brothers did a fight scene, and I recorded it with the drone. Then I flew out of the signal range, and it rose a couple of hundred feet in the air, and flew right to where I was! Now it wouldn’t fly away when it got disconnected with the remote. We drove back home an hour later (I had ordered two batteries, and switched them out when the first battery ran out), and I printed out a logo for my Aerial Imaging company, and taped it on to the drone. Then I wrote my address on the bottom, in case it flew away and someone could return it to me, and went to sleep. The next morning, Mommy had a play-date with Ms. Amelia, Rose, and Julian, so I brought along my dear drone, and my two dear batteries, and flew my drone the whole time, recording the play-date. I told Ms. Amelia about my business, and she said she wanted to hire me to take a picture of her house that she was trying to rent out, so the same day, we drove to her house, and I took a bunch of pictures of her house, HD quality. Ms. Amelia wanted to pay me a couple hundred dollars, but instead just payed me fifty dollars! I took home the cash, and put it in my wallet so the next time I went to the bank, I could deposit it. Ms. Amelia told her friends about my business, and Ms. Amelia’s friends told their friends and suddenly I had like fifteen people wanting me to take pictures of their house! I calculated that if I charged them all fifty dollars for the images, I would make about 750 dollars!!!!!! The whole town recognized me as “The Drone Dude,” and each time I walked down to the library, people would ask me to take pictures of their houses! I was making like a thousand dollars a month! I couldn’t believe it! Even the government wanted me to take pictures of the Capital building downtown, and they paid me five-hundred dollars! I was making more money than all of the people in our neighborhood combined! Three months later, I had half a million dollars, and was the richest twelve-year-old in the State, and maybe even the country! Sasha, a kitten water was released, and it sold out immediately in the book-stores, making approximately 1.5 billion dollars, breaking every record in the world of the best-selling book. Then, Guinness World Records crowned me the richest twelve-year-old in the WORLD! Me and J.K. Rowling collaborated on an awesome story, but I can’t tell you because it top secret. Then, bought my own airplane, and started flying all over the world to advertise my books and drone services (I had a company for the drone services), and millions of dollars started rolling in. The President of the United States even invited me to a dinner at the white house! I gave charity 7.9 million dollars, and I bought my own MacBook Pro and iMac with Bluetooth!! I bought a regular house, it had a Jacuzzi, two cats, Sasha and Waffle, and a Flight Simulator, which actually moved whenever you moved the flight controls. Frankfort was actually put on the map, and instead of Kentucky, they made Frankfort the bigger than the state! I created my own airlines, and a fleet of airplane, and called the company Yllus Airways. Yllus airways was always the cheapest airline, and for a two-way flight, would cost 150 dollars. There was also a little petting area in the airplane where little children could play with cats or dogs. I had my own personal Bombardier Learjet that was custom painted blue, red, and white, my favorite colors. I had a fleet of fifty Phantom 4 Pro drones, waiting for one of my employees to get a call from a drone customer, and they would grab one and the remote, drive to the person’s house, and fly it to take images. The payment was fifty dollars an image, and people were very willing to pay that, especially my fans.


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