Selling Books

Last night, we drove to Lexington. I was in trouble for throwing a shoe (That didn’t even hit her) at the brat Kiara. The shoe bounced off the umbrella, and Kiara went crying home as if I had murdered her, which I had not. I got in serious trouble for a shoe that didn’t hit Kiara. I told you, she is a little brat.

We went to the masjid, and I broke my fast. Then we prayed Magrib. Himi is a huge traitor. He went on Kiara‘s side, even though he is my little brother. I told him that if he likes Kiara so much, he should marry her. I’ll never trust Himi now on. And now I’m not even allowed near Kiara‘s house, because the big brat is now making lies about me. She even threw a knife at me, and acting like she didn’t. But a brother at the masjid said never to argue with women, because if you win the argument, you lose anyway. So next time I see the little brat, I’ll say “I’m not going to argue with babies”.

After Magrib, we ate dinner outside in the tent, and it was time to go home.  We drove around, and I saw Sister Sabura sitting on her truck. Luckily, I had brought some of my books. I walked up to her, and told her that this was my second book, and that it was ten dollars. She said that she didn’t have any money, but told me that her husband, brother Omar, did. I walked inside the masjid, and sold two Witch’s Curse books to Brother Malik, and Brother Omar. I could’ve sold more, but we had to leave. I had made $20, plus the other ten dollars that I had earned tutoring this kid named Lucas scratch! Next time we go to the masjid, I am going to sell ALL of my books at the masjid, and then I can buy my drone. And then I will not share it with Kiara or the traitor Himi. I’ll probably hook up a bucket of water


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