Carnivorous Piano’s and Chocolate Bunnies

So I was practicing my hour of piano, Rey’s Theme from the last Star War’s movie. It sounded really cool, but the piano was un-tuned, and it didn’t sound that cool. So I moved to the electric keyboard, and started playing there. Suddenly, the keyboard erupted beneath my fingers! Middle C flew up and hit my iMac, breaking the screen. Piano keys flew everywhere. Suddenly, the black button that I usually used to change the sound of the keyboard lit up red. “Mwahahaha!” The last key flew up from the keyboard, breaking my mouse, and smashing the 1,000 dollar microphone I bought with my own money. The empty space inside the keyboard lit up white, like teeth. Some drool splashed up and spattered all over my face. “Yuck!” I shouted. Suddenly, a tooth from the piano’s mouth shot out, and punctured the screen, cracking it with a such a huge force, all of the glass fell off and piled up on my desk. “My iMac!” I was very protective off it. “I will eat every drop of grease from your grease spot!” yelled the keyboard in a very metallic voice. Suddenly, some of the chocolate bunnies I had been drawing on my drawing program, Adobe Flash, jumped out of the screen and landed on my hand! They were completely made out of chocolate, just like real chocolate bunnies. “Chocolate! I love chocolate!” The keyboard shouted. Uh oh! The piano stand that usually held the keyboard up morphed into legs, and the keyboard grinned. I flailed my arms out and ran for my life! The chocolate bunnies suddenly sprouted razor sharp teeth and started hacking at my hair! “Ack!!!!!” I shouted, but unluckily, I was HOME ALONE. I flung open the door, which hit the keyboard, and more spit flew from its mouth. “I will eat you now!” the keyboard shouted. So with chocolate bunnies hacking at my hair, which wasn’t very long anymore, and a carnivorous keyboard trying to eat me, I ran down main street. People stared at me like I was crazy or something. “Help me!” I screamed, but no one listened. Suddenly, when the chocolate bunnies had finished eating my hair, my head was bald, they jumped down from my shoulders and started pulling me toward the chocolate factory. Hmm, I wonder where they wanted me to go. I followed them, and they shut the door behind me. I was in the front of a chocolate mixer. “Me is hungry!” murmured one chocolate bunny. “Me is too!” shouted the other one. Together, they both pushed me into the chocolate mixer. “We is eat you now!” They both chanted. The mixing thingy started my way. I was chopped up into tiny little pieces, which the chocolate bunnies (I drew them mind you) ate my chopped pieces. Then I woke up.


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