Flying The Quadcopter

Today, I’m going to actually fly my drone! I bought it off of Amazon for 130.00 with my own money, and the package arrived yesterday! I’m soo excited. In my second post, The Quadcopter, I told you about how I bought it. I’m going to tell you how I’m going to fly it. I might even put a picture of the drone up here!

I’m going to make my own company called Aerial Images, where I take photo’s of anything for money. I got rechargeable batteries for the remote, because I would run through regular batteries super-fast. I also have a live video stream! I can see exactly where the drone is by just looking at the phone I connect to the drone. That way, if I don’t see it, I can still fly without looked at the drone, by just looking at the phone, which is connected to the Quadcopter’s camera. I can do 3D flips, even with propeller guards and a camera on! I went to my dad’s job to fly it, because there is less trees and obstacles in the way. Last dinner, I showed the quadcopter off to my Grandpa, but I crashed into the ceiling. The quadcopter is REALLY responsive. I don’t know the range, but if it disconnects, the quadcopter will slowly float to the ground, or I can press “Return Home” and it will automatically return to where I took it off of. Its really sad that I can only fly up to 400 feet, but if the FAA says that, I have to do that.

The Featured Image on this blog is actually what the drone looks like. I drew it on Adobe Animate/Flash, and added the cool eyebrows and mouth. The eyes are really on the drone. You can look it up. They light up when you start the drone, and it looks AWESOME in the nighttime. I’m going to share the drone with my brothers, but not my sisters because they don’t even know what a “Quadcopter” is or what it does. They are little kids.


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