Sully was to tired to admit, but he was actually cold. No, not cold, freezing. You would be freezing too. It was slowly starting to snow, and Bagheera was snorting to try to get the snow off of his nose and hair on his head. Bagheera’s fur was warm, but only his butt was getting the heat. “We-e-e… L-e-t’sss g-go-o- hhh-hhome,” Sully shivered. Bagheera speed up a couple ten mach’s, and in about thirty seconds, Sully was at his home. “Seee y-you lll-later!” Sully ungreeted Bagheera, and Bagheera trotted off to his stable, still trying to get the snow off of his nose.

Sully walked inside, and was blasted right in the head with a huge wind of warm air. Sully almost collapsed with tiredness. Staying up late was fun, but it had a lot of consequences. Sully’s parents had gone out to the movies, and Sully was home-alone. He took off his shoes, and dragged his feet into the kitchen, where a dinner was waiting for him. Sully walked up to the tall wooden counter, and picked up a plate of hamburgers. Yum. Sully hated hamburgers, he didn’t know why. So he just feed it through the food chute that went straight to Bagheera’s food bowl. Bagheera loved hamburgers, or any type of meat. Sully had found Bagheera in a distant island, where his whole family was having a cruise. Bagheera had lived in the wild jungle forest, and Sully had smuggled Bagheera into the baggage of the cruise ship, and when he got home, build a secret underground bunker in the ground, where Bagheera could hide without his parents seeing him. Sully had also installed  a garbage chute into the wall that went to the bunker. He had to put a sign up that read “FOOD ONLY, NO GARBAGE”, so his parents wouldn’t feed Bagheera garbage, or else Bagheera would be really angry when he came up to fly Sully.


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