Sully sped through the dark night on his completely black Pegasus, Bagheera. He sought to fight the criminals who committed terrible crimes, and put everyone at justice. Bagheera whinnied in triumph at the though of kicking some bag-guys in the crotch. Sully smiled behind his black mask, and handed Bagheera a huge apple, which Bagheera chomped down and ate. Sully was wearing dark black, as dark as black could go, so he could blend into the night, and know one could see him. Literally no one could see him until it was daytime. Bagheera landed on top of the West Market Building, the tallest building in all of Kentucky. Sully and his awesome Pegasus lived in Louisville, where crime rates were more than one thousand robbers a week. And Sully and Bagheera had to stop them all. It was really hard, but every night, when everyone except the criminals where in bed, Mr. Yout, a stout Chinese man, would shine a nightlight through the clouds that was the shape of the letter S. Then Sully would know that there was a criminal on the loose, and he and Bagheera had to stop them. Bagheera could fly faster than the speed of sound, which was very helpful on some occasions. Suddenly, the white letter S soared through the sky. “Dive!” Sully said. Bagheera screeched a battle cry, and jumped from the building. They were going about Mach 5 (Five times the speed of sound) when Bagheera had leveled out. Sully turned on his CrimFinder TM goggles, which immediately zoomed to the nearest criminal. He was in a get-a-way car, speeding right on top of the Louisville bridge. Sully aimed his wrist at the car, and shot a unbreakable steel cable at the car. It latched on, and Bagheera immediately turned around in mid-flight, almost throwing Sully of Bagheera’s wings. The car that Sully had shot the cable at lurched forward, the criminal wondering what was happening. Bagheera shot ahead faster than a speeding bullet, and the car banged against buildings, but luckily, the streets were all empty except for parking cars. The bad guy suddenly jumped out of the car, which was like committing suicide going at Mach 3, and rolled onto the sidewalk. Sully pressed the automatic reel on his grappling gun, and fired it again at the criminal. It latched onto his shirt, and the burglar screamed. Bagheera whinnied something to Sully only he could understand. “No Bagheera, you can’t kick the guy in the butt,” Sully was tried hard not to laughed though. They flew to the jail, where the police was waiting to Sully. “Thanks man!” Mr. Yout waved his hat at Sully, and Sully just nodded his head in reply, and he flew off into the night.