Spider-man screamed as he landed in an alley-way surrounded by big black ugly spiders. “Get them off of me!!”

Then Spider-man woke up. Aunt May was out for the night, so she could shop at the food store. Spider-man was home alone. He jumped out of his bed, and ran down to the kitchen. Spider-man pulled open the fridge door and stared stuffing his greedy mouth with food. After about ten minutes, the fridge was empty, except for the bottled water that was half empty. Aunt May would be really steamed when she came back. Peter jumped out of the kitchen, and landed right in the living room, on the fluffy old couch. It was stuffed with the last victims of Spider-man’s wrath. You would almost feel sorry for the criminal when they got stuffed into the couch, with Spider-man sitting on the couch. Spider-man pulled out some fried potato chips, sprinkled with ham, and started munching on them. He fired his webs at the the remote, and pulled it back to the couch. The remote suddenly went off course at smacked Spider-man right in the forehead. “Yeouchhh!!!” Spider-man cried like a spoiled baby who wanted more food, and started jumping up and down on the couch.  Even a spoiled baby  could get hit in the head with a remote and not cry! That’s because Spider-man was a baby. No joking, he really was.


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