Yalow: Dawn of the Inventors

|Night eleven|

|Wave Two|

|Yayyy! We aren’t dead yet!|

So we headed off toward the east border, where I could already hear the moans and groans of zombies as they slowly invaded the city. “Oh no!” I heard Kit cry. The zombies where already out! That means that they had probably invaded some of the houses that people lived in! “Sam! Stomp!” I shouted. Sam nodded her head in agreement, and jumped about ten feet off the ground; Her boots had iron springs in them, so if she ever needed to jump ten feet off the ground, she could. When she landed on the ground, my feet almost collapsed below me. The shock-wave was that strong. I saw it travel from us, to the first wave of zombies. They suddenly collapsed, because their legs had been ripped off of their bodies. Zombie guts were everywhere, and before the wave could get up again, Sam teleported right into the mess. She stomped again, and the whole wave collapsed, unable to move. In the morning, they would melt into shadows, where they would regenerate so they could attack the next night. Yep. These zombies were invincible. They could never be killed. I was busy invented a zombie-sucker TM, which could such up the essence of the zombies after you’ve killed them, and would store it in unbreakable glass bottles.  Then, I heard the second wave of zombies. They crowded over each other as if it depended on their lives, which it did of course, and tumbled through the part of the wall that wasn’t finished yet. I turned on my force-field, which was charging all day (The more you charge it the more it lasts and the more it deflects zombie parts), and prepared my sword. It glowed like a light-saber from Star-wars, because it really was a light-saber, then it glowed purple, my favorite color. It was ready for fighting. I charged into battle, chopping down zombies like tooth-picks in a airplane propeller. Sam and Kit forgot that they were fighting, and watched as I whirled my way through the zombies. Tens and hundreds fell before my feet, and every time another wave came, they were instantly disintegrated before my force-field. Finally, the tenth and final wave of zombies were finished. I was literally five feet up in the air, standing on top of zombies bodies. Sam and Kit’s mouths were hanging open, like a garage-door. “Come on!” I turned off my force-field, which was completely depleted of battery power, but kept my light-saber on, just in case some more zombies attack. “How did you do that?”

I smiled. “Practice, and plus,  my weapons are way better than yours!” Sam slugged me in the arm. Sam’s weapon was actually better and more complicated than mine. I couldn’t teleport, or jump ten feet in the air, because I could fly! Amazing right? The battery-powered flight rings, which shot out huge amounts off air strong enough to lift a 747 (full with passengers and luggage) right off the ground and into the air, would last about twelve hours. I could go super-sonic with my flight rings. Sam and Kit each had a pair of course, but they didn’t like to fly. Kit was scared of heights, especially flying above the earth, (My flight-rings could go into outer-space, you just needed a helmet and air-supply) and Sam hated flying into birds. So I had just taken their flight rings and attached them to my hands, so I could fly backwards, and glued the other pair onto the pair on my feet, so I could fly double the speed that I used to before. I was like super-man! We walked home, and I hoped that we were having chicken for dinner.


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