Yalow: Dawn of the Inventors

 | Night Nine | Wave Six | Yep, we’re dead |

We are the inventors of Yalow. We are the children of the people of Yalow. We invent things to keep alive. Yes, you heard me. We invent things to stay alive. You’re probably wondering to yourselves, why? BECAUSE OF THE ZOMBIES OF COURSE!! Every night, zombies invade the city, and eat all of the food. We, Kila, Kit, and Sam invent things that even the evil President Yout’s inventors can’t invent. We try our hardest not to get attacked every night by zombies. I have invented a awesome weapon where you put it on your wrist, and it transforms into a shield and a gun that sticks out of the shield. There is also a force-field that surrounds you, in case the shield doesn’t work. The force-field can operate for about a day, then you have to charge it for about a hour, and then the whole cycle repeats again. The sword, which has a laser-gun embedded in the cross-hairs, can cut through anything. You heard me, anything. Need to get through several titanium layers? It can chop through that like a hot knife through butter. That is why it is so useful for cutting down zombies. It is as long as a real piano, but weighs a little bit more than a feather. I can just wade through the zombies like a weight through a sand-storm, and in a minute or two, the zombies will be dead, even if they are dead already. I had also made a copy of my invention, and gave it to Kit and Sam. I know, my name sounds like “Killer” but its actually Keye-La-Uh-. Kila. So yeah. It was October 22, 2019. Evening time was approaching, and me, Kit, and Sam had to prepare our weapons. Sam had invented a really cool teleportation device that could teleport you right on top of your enemies and kill them. She had also constructed a pair of boots and gloves that could kill zombies with one punch or kick. You could stomp on the ground, and a couple of zombies would die. The stomp was so strong, it could kill us, but we had to wear special shoes that would absorb the shock of the impact of the stomp of the shoes or fists, because they could punch through anything. The sun was rapidly descending, and Kit was trying to finish his weapon. It was a mine that you threw in the middle of the zombie crowd, and it would release a laser that would mutilate all of them. All of us had to wear protection that would reflect the laser and so that the laser couldn’t kill us to. “Are you ready?” I asked everyone. They nodded their heads yes, and we marched out of the modified airplane hangar that could withstand a wave of zombies until either the generator ran out of diesel, (In which case we could have to “borrow” some more from the closed down gas-station) or if I wanted it to stop (Then if I wanted it to stop, then I would pull the switch, and everyone would change into their armor and we would fight off the zombies until they were dead). The whole town was constructing a huge wall that could hold off the zombies. It was almost done, but my parents, and Kit’s and Sam’s wanted me to fight off the zombies with our inventions until the wall was finished. The wall was make out of titanium mixed with diamond, that even my sword couldn’t cut through. It also had a lava moat on the outside, so that the zombies would burn in the lava, and if they survived that, they would have to get through the wall, which had another lava moat on the top of the wall. It surrounded the whole town and the only part that was left to construct was the east wing of the city. It was only a foot or two that they had to construct, but it was taking a long time since the workers would only work in the daylight. We had to defend that area tonight. Because the rest of the wall was functioning smoothly, killing zombies every night, that was the only area that was hostile. Nobody lived there, but they would when the wall was finished. The only entrance in the wall was for the food-delivery tank. It had to be built into a tank because if there were any zombies, the tank could easily fight them off. We marched off to the east wing, and prepared to fight the zombies. I hope we can live ’till dinner, because I’m hungry…


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