Krat the Rat and his Misadventures

Chapter One

Krat the rat was a little weird for a rat; He chewed on cat bones,  flossed his teeth with cat hair, and wore cat ears for shoes and hats. As you can guess, Krat hated cats. He hated cats so much, he would be happy if he was locked up in a jail with a kitten.

Krat’s family, the Boyiers, hated Krat as much as Krat hated them, and Krat hated them as much as he hated cats. Krat and his family lived on the outskirts of kittenville, a huge town that only cats lived in. Everyday, cats would stream out from their school, and would started hunting for mice. The Boyiers would have to be extremely cautious, and not venture out of their house, or else they would get eaten by cats. But Krat never listened to his family. Whenever the cats would come by Krat’s house, Krat would jump out the top window, and try killing the cats. The the cats would just laugh at Krat, and try to step on him. Every day, Krat was humiliated by cats, and whenever he came inside, he would shamefully walk up to his room, and bawl his eyes out. Krat wanted to be an adventurer, just like Robinrat Cruelness, the great adventurer. Robinrat had been stranded on an island, but he had escape on a piece of cheddar cheese. Every mouse and/or rat in the world was very fond of their hero, everyone except Krat that is.


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