How the sky fell down

Shooey (coward) Jackson was a odd little fellow indeed. He was a parakeet, and always imagined very weird things. Shooey’s brain was about as small as a penny, which was very small for a parakeet. One day, (it was very cold and windy) Shooey was walking across the street when a couple of small snowflakes fell on Shooey’s feathered head. Since the little coward had forgotten to put on his winter hat, the snowflakes felt very cold. Tiny Shooey looked up at the sky, while cars honked at him for being in the street. Then, it suddenly started flurrying huge snowflakes of all sizes. Shooey suddenly thought up a crazy thought. THE SKY WAS FALLING!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shooey runing

Shooey screamed so loud, that the glass in every car broke, but Shooey didn’t care. His crazy thoughts had gone too far. Shooey dropped his groceries (which contained bird-food and water) and flailed his hands up in the air, running away on his cowardly feet. Shooey thought that the snowflakes were part of the clouds that were circling the city that Shooey lived in. When Shooey got home, he was still screaming. All of the windows in Shooey’s shack had broken because of Shooey’s shrill yells.  Shooey cried himself to sleep slowly. It was still snowing when Shooey had gone to sleep, and the wind floated through Shooey’s broken windows. Snow slowly piled up on Shooey’s head and feet, giving him the shivers. He had absolutely horrible dreams that he was on the ground, while the clouds and atmospheres fell onto his head. You would almost feel sorry for the poor little guy. When Shooey woke up, he still had a pile of snow on his head. Shooey started up his screaming again that the sky was falling, and started running around the town, in his pajamas, at night. The police department had to lock him up in the local jail with a bunch of other guys who thought that the sky was falling. “THE SKY IS FALLING!!!” Shooey wailed in his cell. He sobbed in his jumpsuit that no one would believe him. When it was time to exercise outside, Shooey looked outside the cafeteria window. Wheww! It wasn’t snowing anymore. Shooey walked outside, his belly full. Shooey’s jail-mates started doing yoga. Suddenly, Shooey’s pants ripped and fell to the ground, showing his My Little Pony undies. HAHAHAHA!!! The whole yard of prison-mates laughed at the little coward Shooey. Then, Shooey though of up a very horrible imagination. MY PANTS ARE FALLING DOWN!!!!!!!!


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