Sasha-wee, the lone hero

Sasha prowled the New York Skyline, awaiting anymore kittens to help, or criminals to smash into kitty food. Suddenly, Sasha heard the unmistakable sound of a cop siren. Sasha prepared her grappling hook,  and shot it at a tall building to her left. Then she jumped off the building she was already on. Suddenly, a light blue and red shape hurdled past her. It was Spider-man! “Hi Sasha!” Spider-man waved at her before disappearing. His webs slowly evaporated into the air. Sasha was startled at Spider-man, and almost let go of her grappling hook. She swung downward, and landed right on top of the police car that was wailing like a baby. Sasha pressed the release button on her grappling hook, and the claw let go of whatever it was holding onto, and started quickly winding itself up into the reel automatically. The police-car took a sharp turn to the right, and Sasha found herself in a dark alley, on top of a police-car. The man got out, and Sasha nimbly scaled the alley-wall. She could see that the burglar was getting away! Sasha took out a inflatable punching fist, which still had its price tag on it from Wall-mart, and aimed it at the criminal. The fist flew threw the air, and hit the evil man in the head, making him fall down to the pavement, where the police could take care of him further. Sasha pulled in the line that was connected to the fist, so she didn’t have to fetch it herself. Sasha brushed the dust off of her paws. One criminal taken care of.


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