Sasha-wee, the lone hero

In the beginning of the series, you met Sasha the house-cat, and how she eats. Now, you are going to learn the story of her live. One, two, three….

Sasha used to live in a dark, cold old alley in the city of Metropocity, in the town of Metropotown, in the county of Metropocounty, in the state of Metropostate. She and her sister Waffle one night got captured by a clerk at the Hokens Animal Shelter. She was caged, and in two days, got adopted by a villain named Steve. Yeah, I know right? Really awesome name for a villain? Well anyways, Steve worked for another evil “Mastermind” who wanted to take a bunch of animals and sell them for very expensive rates down in Hawaii. But, his plan failed, and Sasha and Waffle and their Mom ended up living with a really awesome guy named Luke.

Then, Luke got lost in his airplane with their mom, and Sasha and Waffle ended up living in a huge city named NYC. Sasha would protect the innocent kittens, so Animal Shelters couldn’t take them hostage, and people could adopt then. Both Sasha and Waffle made crude weapons out of trash. Sasha’s tool-belt was actually a belt, and some trash-can lids.

Waffle patrolled the Upper East Side, and Sasha protected the cats from the opposite direction. They always met up in the day-time to discuss matters.


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