Sasha-wee, the lone hero

A dark shape hurdled through the chilly night air. It landed on top of the gargoyle on the Empire State Building. The dark shape scanned the roads of New York City. No criminals to fight, at least not yet. The mysterious crime-fighter pulled of her mask, revealing whiskers and ears, and dark black fur with grey stripes. Sasha opened her tool-belt and pulled out a bottle of milk, specially made for cats. She opened the bottle of milk and drank it all in a single gulp. The only noise that came out was a big burp. Then Sasha pulled out a packet of hot-dogs, which was warm to the touch, and ate one at a time, relishing the delicious premium meat. Then, the cat sprung forth from her roosting place, having eaten her breakfast. Now, it was time to fight criminals. Sasha-wee, the lone hero


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