Robots vs. Zombies

Robots vs. Zombies



I was working on a new pixel game on my -Spyder- account. Then, amaquate asked me if I wanted to collab. I did. I told him that I was working on a new pixel game, Robots vs. Zombies. He would do the code for the Zombies to follow the player, and I would do the art. The next day, you could jump, zombies could kill you, and you could shoot them to death.

Then we had to leave to Cincinnati so my dad could go to class at NKU. I brought my laptop so I could work on Robots vs. Zombies in the car. When we got there, I found a really cool website called piskelapp.com where you could draw your own pixel art for free! Idris loved it, and when we got home, I drew a zombie sprite for the game, because the other zombie drawing was horrible. Then we when out on a walk. My dad told me to make the player jump back and make a hurt sound when the zombies touched you. Then I made it so that you could change guns, and the second gun was a laser gun. It shot a bunch of laser that could quickly kill the zombies. Now I have to make it so you can have two players, a menu, some coins you pick up to buy a new gun, and a intro.


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