The Brick Wall


I am going to make another game called The Brick Wall. It’s going to be like theCHAoTiC’s version of Super Slime Smash, but you have to collect coins instead of killing slimes, and dodge cars by jumping over them. I have already got the got for the turning platform, and the player can stay on the ground without glitching, but sometimes, you will get stuck in the bricks.

Now I have to make the code for the falling coins, which I already have, the moving cars, which you have to dodge by jumping over them, the costume store, where you can by other costumes and powerups for money, and the death menu, so when you die, you can navigate from the main menu to the costume store. I am not going to share the project when I am in the middle of it, because it won’t get as much loves if it is not finished that it is finished. I am also going to make comets fall from the sky when it turns night, and the sun high in the sky in the daytime. I’m also going to make some twinkling stars in the night sky when it turns night. There is going to be a slow transition from daytime to nighttime. I’m also going to make a short tutorial so when you start the game, it will show you what to do. I’m going to try to make as much as the music as I can in GarageBand.


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