Wall Runner


Wall Runner


I made a new account on scratch, and I thought that I was going to have a bunch of followers as soon as I released a new game. Turns out, I got TEN followers as soon as I got on! I guess it was the username, which was –Spyder-. It sounds really cool, and I’m going to have a reputation for making awesome games. The first game I made, Wall Runner, was almost like Wall Runner by theCHOAtIC, but I made a running stick-man, a costume store, and more sound effects. The first thing I started on was the scrolling. I had to make spikes scroll on both sides of the screen, but with clones, not sprites. It was grueling work, but I finally got that down. The code for the player was hardest, because it was a platformer, but like my other account’s Gravity Game, where you dodged bullets, and you could jump on the wall, or the ceiling. But this game was almost like that. It was flipped 90 degrees though, so you would be running UP a wall. It took me an hour to figure out that code, and about an hour later, and after a couple buckets of sweat were dumped out the window, I had the code.

Then came the menu, the parallax, and the death menu, and the sounds. I had that down in less than thirty minutes. For the sound, I went to GarageBand, and for the sound effects, I went to free-sound.com.

Then I shared the project. It had 6 loves and favorites in an hours, and about 12 views.


I had done it!


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