Diary of an Alien

Chapter Six



I marveled at all of the awesome statues that the King had placed in the hallway of the palace. “This is amazing,” breathed Luci. I wish I had a hundred eyes.

I craned my neck to see an aquarium of real live piranhas. “Yikes!” Luci jumped back and continued walking. “Where do you think the King lives?” she asked. “I have no idea,” I answered. Up ahead, there was a huge throne, and something, or someone was sitting in. “There he goes,” I whispered to Luci. “Put on your disguises!” I slipped the hood over my head so you couldn’t see my eyes and face. Luci put a mask on.

We both walked up to the King. I prepared my laser gun. It started to warm up on my wrist. “Get ready,”

“Now!” I ran at the King, who seemed to be asleep. I sliced upward with my laser and his head rolled off his head. “Ewww!” Luci covered her eyes. Then, I realized that there wasn’t any blood! I examined the head carefully, and realized that the King had set us up! “Put your hands up,” said a cold voice from behind me. “Luci, do what he says,” I hissed. How could I have fallen for the trick?

I slowly turned around, and faced the King. He was wearing his mask, as usual, because he was to cowardly to show his real ugly face. “Well well, who do I have here?” the King patted his huge belly. “What do you think?” I punched him in the face, and the King reeled backwards, blood pouring down from his nose. Serves him right for capturing me for no reason at all. “That’s what you get,” I punch him again. “Stop him!” The King screamed. My laser gun was already heated up. The King’s nose bled like a river. I was really violent. I turned on the laser gun and sliced one of the King’s arms off. “Repreat!” The King could hardly talk with blood all over his mouth. The guards and the King ran off. I picked up the King’s arm with a glove on. Luci was still covering her eyes. “You are really violent,” She opened her eyes, and I showed her the arm. She fainted, and I had to carry Luci back to the sub, where Tiger, Zwinky, and Prup cheered me for scaring the King off. The whole fight had been recorded on TV. I rewinded to the part where I had chopped off the arm of the King. I had left the arm in the palace, so the authorizes could do whatever they wanted to it.

As for me, I was asleep. Hopefully, the King would never bother us again.


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