Diary of an Alien

Chapter Five




Luci was manning the controls. I had taught her the basics of controlling a submarine, and she quickly got the hang of it. So while Luci was having the fun, I was in bed sleeping.

Tiger was sleeping under my head like a really soft, really furry pillow. Just then, the whole palace jerked forward as if it had bumped into something hard. I immediately woke up and slipped into my day time clothes as fast as lightning. I jumped into my shoes and ran back to the control room. “What’s wrong?” I whirled around to find that Luci had accidently pushed the throttle to hard. Luci looked at me. “Sorry,” Luci petted Tiger, who had just padded into the room. “Okay, I’ll take over,” I told her. “Thanks!” Luci raced into her room, leaving me tired, hungry, and at the control of my palace.

“What’s for breakfast?” Luci kept on pestering me like a machine gun. “I don’t know! Why don’t you make it?!”

“Ugh fine!”

Luci stormed off. I sighed. She wanted so bad to go on land, find the King, and kill him dead. But I knew we couldn’t. It would be suicide, because the King was way stronger on land; He could kill us in a blink of an eye. I heard Luci making Prup cook breakfast. I was really hungry too, but I couldn’t leave the controls.

“Zwinky!” I shouted. Zwinky appeared right next to me. “Can you take over?”

“Yes sir Kevin!”

I loved Zwinky. He was very faithful. I left the control room in search of food. I came across the dining table, where Prup was scrambling some egg and toasting bread. “Hello,” I said. Luci came out of the cupboards, arms full of pastries, vegetables, and fruits.

“What’s for breakfast?” I asked her.


“What type? Oh never mind,” I buttered a piece of toast and chomped down. “Mmmm. It’s delicious,” Prup always cooks my meals, and even though he was supposed to be cleaning up Tiger’s mess, he made excellent food. “I hope it is! I used to be a chef, so I cook like crazy,” Luci responded. She heated up a pot of boiling water, dumped some veggies inside, and stirred. Delicious aromas started rising up from the pot. I always drooled on my plate of eggs. “Ha! I knew you were hungry! You’ll love my food!” Luci laughed like a maniac. And I finished my eggs. Luci then opened some packets of ramen noodles and stirred them into the soup. I did drool, and Luci laughed even more.

Finally, after all the torture I had endured waiting for the food to be finished, it was ready. Luci spooned us each a bowl of noodles, and I gobbled them up as fast as I possibly could. Then I fell asleep at the table. The food was that good.


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