Tanki Online

This is the first day that Daddy has let me play Tanki Online for ten minutes! I’m really excited. I got on and started a battle. I hate that you die so quickly, and that Daddy will kill you if he catches you on it without permission. I also dislike how the tanks aren’t that fast, you don’t make crystals that much (Except when you level up), people always kill you with better tanks, you can’t run over trees, Kiara screams like a cowardly goat, Shooey is a lion and Sandy is a coward, and they both sound like lightning sirens. Some of the cool things are that its multiplayer, you have a bunch of different guns and bodies, you can play in different battles, you can only have ten minutes of play time (Daddy says), you can chat and make friends, you can play teams or not, and you can make money to buy new turrets. What I would do is make it so that it doesn’t lag that much, make some more battles and more gun and body options, make everything a bit cheaper, make you spend money to buy crystals, make better graphics, and a scratch version, an offline version, a flash version, an online version, and make a 3D and 2D version. Tanki Online is a first person tank shooter. It is made with Unity 3D, and is a platformer type game. Unity 3D is a really cool 3D platform maker that you use to make 3D platform games.


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