Diary of an Alien

Chapter Four

I woke up in complete darkness. The only thing I remembered was that the sub had been captured by the King’s army, and I was probably back in his dungeon. I rubbed my eyes to get all of the stars out. “Hello?” My voice echoed throughout the cave like jail. I hated the King. What had I done? My hand reached into my pocket, where I found the grappling hook was still there. I smiled. This grappling hook was the only thing that I needed to escape. It had a bunch of tools that I still haven’t told you about; It’s probably too dangerous. But I’ll tell you. So the first tool was the grappling hook (duh), the second tool was the laser gun (Shoots deathly lasers), the third was the fan (If I ever got too hot in combat), the fourth was a hologram TV (Its kind of like a GPS, but its way cooler), and the fifth was a couple of super-sharp knifes that could cut through anything. You heard me. Anything.
So I slipped the nifty gadget on my wrist and turn on the flashlight. The bright blueish light illuminated the whole room. I almost jumped out of my spiked metal-toed boots! There were a couple of people laying around the whole room, and they weren’t moving. The King had done this. I just knew. I had to save them! The first person was a girl about my age (twelve) I helped her up and gave her some water. “Thank you so much,” she thanked me, and I gave her the rest of my water. I had a bunch more in my backpack. I did that to the rest of the people around, who thanked me a lot for saving their lives. I would get the King back.

            One of the men there, showed me the only secret exit, but it had been blocked off with bricks. “I can cut through it easy,” I told him. I walked over to the exit, and turned on my laser gun. I cut through the bricks like a hot knife through butter, and ushered all of the people out. Hopefully, they would escape and go back to their families.

The girl who I had saved first had no family. She was an orphan, and she wanted to help me kill the King. “Please?!” She pleaded. “Fine,” I agreed, and she followed me out of the dungeon. “By the way, what is your name?” I asked. “Oh, its Luci,”

“My name is Kevin,” I responded. “Nice meeting you here.” Luci blushed. “Hey it’s not my fault, the King is the one who jailed me for living on the street!”

“Okay fine, let’s get back to my sub,” I said. I walked down the red brick road, and Luci followed me, asking me questions about how I managed my palace and my cat Tiger and Zwinky. Luckily, when I got to the sea port, my sub was there. The King keeps all of his stolen possessions here, because he has nowhere else to keep them. I whistled twinkle twinkle little star, and the door to my sub opened. “That’s really cool!” Luci told me. It really was; the door only opens at my voice, but I can whistle too.

“Go go, get in!” I pushed Luci inside, and followed her inside. The door slowly slide shut behind us. As soon as I walked in, I saw Zwinky manning the control stick. The sub started to move and pick up speed as it sped away from the dock. “Good job Zwinky!” I patted him on the back, and introduced him to Luci. Then Tiger popped up right beside me, still wearing his helmet. “Awww! What a cute cat!” Luci purred. “Careful,” I warned. “Tiger can hear your insults,” Tiger growled, but it was only a playful one. “Come on Luci, let me show you where you are going to sleep,”


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