Diary of an Alien

Chapter Three

The next day was sunny. Light penetrated through the super-strong glass in my room, and I got up. Zwinky and Tiger were playing tag in the control room, and I stopped them before Zwinky could catch Tiger. “Let’s surface,” I told Zwinky. Our fuel was running low, and we needed to restock on food.

But the only place where we could get human food was in Beastopoliz, the worst place on Trion 69. We were in the middle of Oceanaris, and it would take about a day to travel to Beastopoliz. We could use the racing engine that I had collected in a bet, but it was too risky; the sub couldn’t handle that much speed. I looked at the gas gauge. Holy moly! There was only three hours before we ran out! “Zwinky! Prepare the racing engine!” I shouted at him. Zwinky immediately stopped petting Tiger and sped out of the control room. I saw him coming back with the small but powerful engine. “Attach it to the back of the sub, and set the speed to high.” I ran back to my room and got dressed.

A minute later, I walked back to the control room, where Zwinky was busy calibrating the engine and sub for high-speed. “Close all the windows and secure all loose furniture!” Zwinky sped off again, and I finished the calibration. Tiger, who was watching me the whole time, meowed, and I put a cat helmet on him. Tiger loves it. Just then, Zwinky came back. “All loose furniture down!” “Great.”

I slowly pushed the throttle to its maximum speed, and I felt the sub responding to my touch. The whole palace jerked forward at an enormous speed, and my cheeks flapped like I was in a roller-coaster. “Ahhh!!” Tiger flew backward and hit the control door. Even Zwinky’s magnetic wheels couldn’t hold him to the ground at this much speed. I strapped myself down to the leather chair and put Tiger on my lap. Then the lights went out. I quickly turned on the emergency lights and glanced at the GPS. Yes. This sub has on. We were being chased! By my worst enemy of all: The King and his Army. Let me tell you the short story. One day, I was minding my own business, when the King (No one knows his name) came along and jailed me. For no good reason! So I escaped, and that angered him even more. I’ve been hiding from him even since. He had probably jammed our electricity signal. Yep. Sure enough, I saw a little machine attached to the side of the control window. It was beeping. It’s a bomb! “Zwinky!” I yelled as loud as I could. Zwinky quickly came to my side, and I pointed out of the bomb. “Get it off!” I narrowly avoided colliding with a high coral reef, while Zwinky climbed out of the window and grabbed the bomb, right before it exploded.


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