Diary of an Alien

Chapter Two

Okay, let me get started with the story. You’ve probably already read about my palace (The secret submarine), My robots Zwinky and Prup, my Toyger Tiger, my weaponry stash, my really hi-tech grappling hook, and my scuba-gear. If you’ve read the last chapter, you’ve probably heard of all that.

It was May 21, 2091. It probably seems like the distant future for you earthlings, but time passed very quickly on Trion 69. I was in my palace, neatening up my bed. I didn’t have a house in Oceanaris, because every day, fish would attack, and I would have to either retreat or fight, but it was easier to fight back, so we could have a delicious lunch. I would usually boil some Ramen Noodles for me and cook eat the fish (cooked of course) with the noodles. It was always enjoyable, and I never got bored or tired of it.

Just then, the alarm beeped. I dropped the blanket and raced into the hallway. I scrambled into my rubber shoes and helped me run faster and sped into the control room, where Zwinky was awaiting my command. “What is it this time?” I asked him. “Zwinky craned his neck at the radar, which showed our sub in the middle of the screen and five oval shaped objects quickly surrounding us. “It’s the Medusas again,” Zwinky responded, his eyes blinked. “Uggh,” I groaned. The Medusas were a couple of Hammer-head sharks that constantly tormented us. “Harpoon them all,” I sighed. Zwinky’s lights blinked in response, and he pushed a button on the dashboard.

I heard the familiar whirring of the Harpoon Gun coming out of the top of the hatch in the protanium roof of the submarine. “I’ll do it this time,” I picked up Zwinky and got him out of the leather seat. There was a butt mark in the chair from Zwinky sitting there so long. I plopped myself down in the seat and grabbed the adjuster lever on the bottom of the seat. I pulled upward, and a metal tube the exact size of my seat rose up from the floor. It surrounded me like armor, in case the fish attacked the sub and succeeded, I would be protected long enough for me and Tiger to escape. I pulled on headsets that had appeared from nowhere.  “Zwinky, turn on the magnetic shields,” I spoke into the microphone. “Roger Kelvin,” Zwinky spoke back.

Every time the Medusa’s attacked us, I would harpoon all of them, and then their brothers would come after us again and attack us again. It was a never-ending cycle. I reached into the ceiling and grabbed the periscope aimer. I lifted it over my eyes, and immediately saw water. I turned around, and saw five figures floating in the water. Yep. They were Medusas. I aimed the Harpoon Gun at the first one and fired. Now you’re probably thinking: “Kelvin, why the heck would you kill a hammerhead shark! They are endangered!” But no. The Medusas were the most powerful fish clan in Oceanaris, and Hammerhead Sharks are the most common species of fish in the world. The harpoon shot toward the creature and it screamed in pain as the point buried itself in its skin. But I felt no mercy. These monsters had almost killed me one time, and I was going to get my revenge. I press the return button and the Medusa got dragged into the butchery, where machine would gut it and clean it so I could eat it. I did the same thing to the rest of the Medusas, and when I was done, the tube slid back into the ground and I was done with my mission.


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