The Revenge of Sully and Idris

There once lived a mean, grumpy, Pre-Aunty named “Mehlamt”. Mehlamt was a alien from Pluto dressed  as a human There also lived two boys named Idris and Sulaiman. Ms. Mehlamt lived up the street from where Idris and Sulaiman lived, and would always come over to their house to ask for food, butter, barrels of frying oil, and to beat Sulaiman and Idris up. They called Ms. Mehlamt “Pre-Aunty Mehlamt”, or “PAM” for short because she wasn’t married to their uncle yet.

Sulaiman and Idris were fed up of Pre-Aunty Mehlamt beating them up and taking all of their food.  PAM was so big, she couldn’t even fit in her car, so she had to buy a semi-truck so she could drive. So one day, they decided to make a trap for her. In the morning, PAM would come around on her semi and honk her horn. Then Sulaiman (Sully) and Idris (Drees) would have to carry carts of food into the back of the truck, and then PAM would come out and spank their butts for no reason. It was early in the morning, and Drees and Sully were busy finishing their plan. They had stuck Vinegar and Baking Soda in the boxes, so when they pressed a button, the baking soda would mix with the vinegar and it would explode in PAM’s face. Just then, Sully heard the familiar honking of the semi-truck at the front door. They carried the box out of the door and put it in the cabin of the semi-truck. Then they snuck back into the house. When PAM had left, Sully pressed the button of the remote control,  and he heard the beeping of the alarm in the box going off. The box exploded with thousands of tons of force. They could hear PAM’s scream as she flew into space, covered from fat toe to huge buttery , oily, hair. It landed on the moon, where it lived horribly after.


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