Grumpy Grandpa

There once lived a man named Grumpy Grandpa. Grumpy Grandpa was so rude, if he didn’t get enough butter to put on his pancakes or cornbread, he would yell and shout for more butter, until someone gave him more. A boy named Sam very badly wanted to get revenged on  Grumpy Grandpa. Every time Sam and his friends were playing baseball in the field, Grumpy Grandpa would come by and ruin the game by inviting his three dogs to run around the field and snip at the boy’s heels. Then everyone would have to leave and Grumpy Grandpa would be satisfied. Sam had a plan. He and his friends would wage war against Grumpy Grandpa. So one day, Sam and his friends came over and started making weapons about of hot glue, Popsicle sticks, and much more. Sam made a crossbow and tested it by shooting one of the flies. The fly died instantly. Sam’s friends cheering. They killed all the flies in the house. The next day, Sam and his friends set up a battle camp on the top of one of Sam’s friend’s house roof. They cut up sticks and made ammunition to shoot. When Grumpy Grandpa walked out of his house to drive to the store, Sam yelled “NOW!” Sam’s friends all shot their weapons. One even fired a catapult! The bullets and arrows all rained down on Grumpy Grandpa, and he looked like a really fat porcupine. Grumpy Grandpa hollered and yelled and shot back inside, with a few arrows lodging in his backside. Grumpy Grandpa never bothered Sam and his friends again.


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