Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison



Thomas Alva Edison was born in Milan Ohio, in February 11, 1847. Edison’s Father, Samuel Edison, was a free-thinker, and had many careers. Thomas’s Mother, Nancy Elliot, was a teacher at a school. When Thomas Edison was seven, his family moved to Port Huron, Michigan, and went to a very clean and disciplined school for several months. He was usually taught at home, his mother teaching him classic books, history and science. When Edison was twelve, he built his own laboratory in his father’s basement.

When Thomas Edison turned fifteen, he saved the life of a station agent’s toddler. The little child was playing on the tracks of an incoming train when Edison pulled him from danger. The grateful station agent offered to teach Thomas how to be a telegraph operator. After Edison learned to become a telegraph operator, he knew how to send messages back and forth and in 1863, he became a telegrapher in Canada. In his spare time, Edison took apart an old telegraph set and put it back together. After that, he understood how the telegraph worked.

In 1868, Edison made enough progress with a duplex telegraph, a telegraph able to send one or more messages on just one cable wire, and also the Printing telegraph, able to print the telegrapher’s messages. After that, Edison quit his job to become a full time inventor.



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