About the MacBook (Pro)

About the MacBook (Pro)





After selling 90 dollars in book sales, my dad said I could buy the MacBook. Since it was late in the evening, and we were eating dinner, I would have to wait until the next day until I could order the laptop.

The next day, after breakfast, I started searching on Amazon for used MacBook Pro’s. There was no luck. Then I searched on Google, but the prices were too high. I was looking for a MacBook from 100 dollars to 300 dollars. So I decided to look on eBay.com, where I could either bid for a laptop or buy it right away. After about 30 minutes, I finally found the perfect laptop. It was 380 dollars, but that was okay, because it came with a charger. The only thing I didn’t like about it was that it was pure white. I wanted a laptop that was aluminum or silver.

After 30 more minutes or searching, I found MacBook laptop that was 100 dollars less than the white MacBook Pro. It came with a magnetic charger and it wasn’t a MacBook Pro. I showed my dad, and he said as soon as my mom came from the store, we could go to the bank and then order the MacBook.











My dad finally ordered the MacBook from eBay. The shipping was free, but it would take more than four days to arrive. I also ordered a black keyboard skin and black casing for the MacBook. The cool thing about the MacBook was that it had 8 GB of Memory Space, and 250 GB of Storage Space. My Desktop iMac had 4 GB of Memory Space, and 250 GB of Storage Space. Adobe Animate and Creative Cloud need a minimum of 2 GB Memory Space, so I had 6 GB of Memory Space left for the other programs.

By the time the MacBook came, a week had passed. We were in Cincinnati, and when we got home, the box for the MacBook was waiting on my desk. My leg had popped out of its socket, so I had to painfully limp to the table and asked my Mom to open the box. The MacBook was thinner than I expected, and it was clear of any scratches or dents on the casing, and on the screen.

On eBay, where I had bought the laptop, the description of the laptop said that it had a big dent on the aluminum casing and a couple of scratches on the screen, but the laptop looked as good as new! The only thing that I didn’t like about it was that it had Mac OS X Version 10.6.8, which was the oldest version of OS X.

The next day, I had a cold, so I got a day off of homeschooling. The most of the morning, I spent the time trying to download updates of the MacBook, but I had a lot of Red-Tape. On Google, I would look up “Mac OS X 10.6.9”, but there was no 10.6.9, only 10.7.0. When I looked that up, I had to pay 29.00 dollars for OS X Lion! So I went on the App Store and went to Purchased and had to download El Capitan, even though I wanted Yosemite. El Capitan took about two hours to download, so I took the time to read a book and eat breakfast. Then I installed the update and that took an extra 30 minutes.

Five minutes later, I installed El Capitan and now had to download Microsoft Word and Adobe Animate. I got Word in my Microsoft email, and I used that time to get Creative Cloud and Adobe Animate.

The next day, I had a new laptop just for me!






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