Selling my books.

Selling my books.





It was the day after my birthday. I wanted to get a MacBook Pro laptop so I could do Flash while my family drove to Cincinnati. I found one on Amazon, but my Dad told me to look on Ebay. After about five minutes, I found a great deal of a MacBook laptop for 359 dollars. My Dad said I had to make 100 dollars or more to buy the laptop.

The next morning, after breakfast, I went downstairs in the basement and got a table out of the second side. It was plastered with wet clay, so I took it to the front lawn and sprayed it down with the hose. The new neighbors had just moved in, and I saw the nine-year-old walking down the street. I finished spraying down the table and dried it down with a dirty towel. My Mom had made a table-cloth that had hamburgers and soda’s sewing into the cloth and I used that to cover the ugly table. Then I got the books I wrote from our van. I had written it one years ago, but I was still working on it. I finished decorated the table and set up the books on top of a cardboard box.

Then I went inside and made a sign that read:  Eleven-Year-Old Author! Sulaiman Jackson has been writing books for two years, and this is his first published book, The Incredible Veggie-boys!

I highlighted the headline with a green marker so that I stood out. Then I set it up on the table outside on the front lawn. Then I got a chair and waited out front for people to start coming in.

(30 minutes later)


Ms. Neila, the neighbor across the street, passed by in her car and looked at my sign. She got a book and paid me in ten one-dollar-coins. Eight more people passed by, and I only had one more book. It was evening time. About eight o-clock. No one would buy the last book, so I went inside. I had made ninety dollars in a day! I only had to make ten more dollars to buy the laptop.












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