The Walk Home

The Walk Home.





Tis was a Monday. I had to go to a library program at 6:00 and my mom would pick me up from the library at 7:30, but I had to email her first. After doing some errands, my mom dropped my off at the library, thirty minutes late. As I walked inside, I noticed a wood carving of a cat, and some brochures that read: Save the Neighborhood cats with Trap, Neuter, and Return! The library program had already started, and when I walked in, everyone was busy doing tasks. On Halloween, there was a big event at the library called “Spooky Library” and everyone was helping making the scaring things. Ms. Tammy told me to help some kids make the boulder rocks.

After the program, (it was 7:28), I checked out the book I wanted, “The Lost Hero” by Rick Riordan, and tried to called my mom, but the phone wouldn’t work, so I had to walk back upstairs and email her to tell her to pick me up. I knew that she would be about ten minutes late, so I started to walk back home. It was about three miles from my house to the library, and the wind was warm. I tried to avoid the Homies that crowded the streets and motorcycle gangs watching a outdoor movie. A lot of people were walking around, but there were no homeless people around. At the next light, I saw my mom, who was waved at me from the blue van. I continued to walk, but started to jog when I saw some homies behind me. That exhausted me a lot, and I was out of breath and thirsty by the time I got to the neighborhood entrance. The blue van appeared out of nowhere and I jumped in, I was too tired to walk the rest.






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