How the moon exploded.

How the moon exploded






There was once a Grandpa who lived on the moon. Three years ago, a space shuttle had come to the moon to collect rock samples. On the space shuttle, a tourist named Ms. Kenyarna wanted to see the moon for herself. Ms. Kenyarna was the opposite of skinny, and took up a whole three seats. She also had a ravenous appetite. When the shuttle was about to takeoff from Earth, Ms. Kenyarna demanded a feast of fresh food. Since she had paid one cent, (Her whole life savings) she could not get food until the shuttle was in orbit with the moon. Ms. Kenyarna had a fit. She rocked her seats and outside, the whole ship wobbled and was about to tip over! Just then, an astronaut named Captain Yartoon shoved a block of frozen strawberries in the black hole of Ms. Kenyarna’s mouth. The block of strawberries was so cold, Ms. Kenyarna froze and the shuttle returned to its normal state. The rocket’s thrusters angled to balance the ship, and the ignition lighted. The whole shuttle fought the gravity and the weight of Ms. Kenyarna, but luckily, the Captain turned the boosters to %100. The space ship lifted off and they continued the trip into the atmospheres. Grumpy Grandpa, who had come from an alien civilization on Mars, had space swam from Mars to the Moon to spy on Earth. Grumpy Grandpa was smart enough to realize that if he space swam to Earth, he would disintegrate if the pull of the orbit sent him into the last atmospheres. Now, Grumpy Grandpa was stuck on the moon, bored out of his mind.  The only thing to do was drink frozen moon ice from the north and south pole and to make dust castles from moon dust. Since the gravity on the moon was one-sixth of Earth’s gravity, Grumpy Grandpa could make a castle big enough to hold a hundred people, only to watch the dust slowly melt down into the moon again. The only thing that Grumpy Grandpa had brought to the moon was a telescope and some clothes. The telescope was no use because when he was space swimming through the rings of Jupiter, a field of rocks broke the glass of the telescope. When Grumpy Grandpa saw a rocket coming for the moon, he got excited. Grumpy Grandpa leaped into the air, but soon realized his mistake as he sailed out of the moon’s gravity field. The space shuttle headed straight for Grumpy Grandpa! He tried to move out of the way, but one thing was wrong. The shuttle was going to fast! It rammed into Grumpy Grandpa’s hard stomach and Grumpy Grandpa vomited in his face. The camera man on the shuttle saw Grumpy Grandpa crashed into the point of the shuttle and called an emergency landing. Before the ship landed, Ms. Kenyarna put on her customized space suit and jumped out of the hatch that had to be widened about four feet just so she could get in. Moon’s one-sixth of Earth’s gravity didn’t apply to Ms. Kenyarna, since she was just too heavy. Instead the gravity acted one hundred times more of Earth’s Gravity, yanking Ms. Kenyarna down. This only applied to Ms. Kenyarna though. Remember that. The ship was about as tall as the Empire State Building. Ms. Kenyarna hurtled toward the ground, Screaming and blubbering in fear. The ground quickly approached. She hit the moon’s surface and screamed in pain. The whole moon shock like a moonquake was coming through. The shaking continued. The Captain from the space shuttle knew that the shuttle would tip over again soon. He fired the retro-rockets at full blast and the ship took off again, not even knowing that they had left Ms. Kenyarna back on the moon. Grumpy Grandpa knew that the whole moon would explode from the shaking. He had finally come to consciousness, and was space swimming as far from the moon as he could. The moon exploded, with Ms. Kenyarna still on it The only thing that remained were a couple of moon rocks and some fragments of Ms. Kenyarna’s space suit.




















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