It was Eid, 1:06 PM, Eastern Daylight Time.


We (My Mom, Idris, Mrm, Sisi and I) we’re going to drive to Petco to get my Dad an Eid present: A Parakeet. Everyone piled into our blue mini-van. I wondered which color bird we were going to pick out.


When we got to Petco, everyone got out of the car and crossed the street to go to Walmart for bird supplies and food and stuff. Inside Walmart, the air felt so cool as I breathed it in. Idris said that we need bird food, a cuddle-bone for the bird to sharpen its beak, a water dispenser, and a little toy. I could make some perches out of bamboo and sticks.


We bought everything. Idris and I had brought five dollars to pay for the toys and the cuddle-bone and the water dispenser. My Mom would pay for the bird. We had a cage at our house. Then we walked to Petco. An employee showed us where the parakeets were. There were two yellow ones, three blue ones, and a one bluish yellowish one. The blue ones were male. I picked out a young blue parakeet with white feathers by its beak. My Mom bought the bird and we went to Lowes to buy chain and two hooks to hang it by the ceiling. There was a white plastic chain that could hold the cage and the bird inside. We brought the bird into Petco. It was in a cardboard box with holes punched in the wall. Then we bought two hooks. On the way to the car, Idris looked inside one of the breathing holes and saw just in time the bird pooping. We drove home, Idris holding the bird in case the bird would poop again.


When we got home, Sisi took the bird inside and showed my Dad. I told him that we found it on the side of the road pecking some seeds. We hung the cage from the chains on the ceiling and Sisi decided to called the bird “Shoey”.









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