How Apple will waste your money.

I had already made my game. I have been wanting to put my game on the Apple Store for a long time. My dad was going to pay for the Apple Developer Program, which is $99 dollars a year, not including 10% percent of your app income. I had made my game in Adobe Animate CC, which you can animate and program with. Finally, I had the Apple Developer Program. A link in the Developer Program led me to iTunes Connect. I clicked “My Apps” and by the sidebar, clicked “Make new App”. When I clicked that button, a message popped up saying that I first need to complete my Financial Stuff and then make a certificate for iOS development and a certificate for iOS Distribution. After I completed that, I tried to click “Make a new App” again. Still, a message popped up, saying “Please complete the Tax form in Financial and Payments section.” Why does Apple even need your SSN and your Taxpayer Identification Number? It took me about two or three days to finally do the Tax form. Then, I clicked “Make a new App.” It worked!

After I filled out all of the App information, Apple Developer required me to download Xcode 3. “OK” I thought, thinking that Xcode was just a program that would help me submit my app to the App Store. But then I figured out that Xcode was a whole new program for writing games for iOS! I went to YouTube and downloaded some videos on how to make a Flappy Birdish game on Xcode.

Three Days Later:

I finally finished writing the code for the Flappy Bird Game.  I had to learn a whole new coding language to put my game on the App Store! I was careful to make it different from Flappy Bird so the company wouldn’t sue me for copyright infringement. I went to my app and saw a message in the middle of my contact information saying that I had to use Xcode to submit my app to the App Store. Apple does not want you to make your app and put it on the App Store. Well, I watched a video on how to put my app on the App Store using Xcode. I followed it until I got to a error that said: Must register device in order to submit app. So I registered a device in Certificates and tried following the tutorial again. I still ran along the same error, even though I had registered my iMac to Apple. I tried again to register my device, and waited about two hours until I tried again. Yup. It still wouldn’t work. I decided I would get a refund from the Apple Developer Program and used that money to get a subscription to a website that showed you how to write games using ActionScript 3. Well, I guess that I’ll just put my game on the Google Play Store.


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