Sisi Monster arrives

Sisi Monster Arrives.  

Book 1.




There was once a boy named Charlie. Charlie lived in a four story house in the outskirts of Orlando, Florida. Charlie was used to the peace and quiet of the country. Charlie lived so close to the water, the beach was right in his backyard! On the roof of the house, there was a diving board that stretched across the backyard and stopped right over the water. Charlie had to be very careful when diving not to hit one of the rocks. Charlie loved to snorkel in the water. He even had Scuba gear! Every Saturday and Monday, Charlie would Scuba down by the reef and catch some small fish for his 200 gallon salt-water aquarium. One Monday morning, while Charlie was snorkeling, a shiny metal object appeared from space and fell toward the beach where Charlie lived. The thing made a colossal splash-down that Charlie heard from where he was swimming.  He floated to the surface and looked at it. The thing looked like an egg except with polished metal. The water around the egg was boiling because the egg was so hot. A hidden hatch at the top of the egg hissed open, and Charlie watched frozen in fear as a mini blue hulk climbed out of the egg. “Ahhhh!” Charlie screamed and swam as fast as he could to the shore. He was unfortunate that nobody was there to help him. Charlie hid in his room and watched the blue hulk as it examined the rocks on the sand. Then it stared straight at him through the window. Charlie had to do something, and fast. He set the alarm for the house on lock-down mode and a force-field dome appeared from the ground. Charlie loved to tinker with electronics and he had made a protection system if anyone tried to break into the house. The force-field could withstand about 100 tons of force, but anything above that and the shield would break. The sun was slowly setting over the horizon, which made it even scarier because he almost couldn’t see the monster charging toward his house. Charlie turned on the outside lights and watched as the monster hit the shield and bounced off the shield unharmed. A cage popped from the “grass” and captured the monster. Then it disappeared in the ground as soon as it had popped up. Charlie wiped off the sweat from his hands and showered. Then he went to bed. The machinery downstairs in the basement would sedate the thing so it wouldn’t wake up until Charlie wanted it to.




In the morning, Charlie woke up and brushed his teeth. Then he got dressed and took the elevator down to the first floor. He made himself a breakfast of croissants, scrambled eggs, and orange juice. Then he looked at his To-Do-List. First, he had to go to the store and buy milk, crackers, vegetable oil, and apples. Second, he had to go to the Bike-shop and replace his flat bike tire, and third, he had to do his math homework. Charlie walked to the store, bought his groceries, and walked back home to put them in the fridge. Then he walked to the bike-shop with his bike and replaced the tire. Then he rode back home and did his math-homework. Charlie then had the rest of the day to himself. Charlie had forgot all about the hulk-thing. Charlie rode the elevator to the roof, inflated a mini-boat, and jumped off the diving board with himself in the boat. After that, he biked to his friend’s house and played baseball for about an hour or two, and then he rode back home. It was 5:00 P.M. Charlie ate dinner; mashed potatoes and apple juice, then he showered and got in bed. Late in the middle of the night, the hulk monster stirred. The sedation needles could not puncture its skin, so that is why the monster woke. Charlie was fast asleep by then. The monster awoke and moaned in pain. It was curled up like a cat and had no room to stretch its arms and legs. It broke through the weak cage and quietly tiptoed up the stairs. Charlie could not hear a thing from the fourth floor. The monster rummaged in the refrigerator and stuffed its mouth with chicken and left-over mashed potatoes. Then it gulped down all of the orange juice that Charlie would have had for breakfast. The monster opened the front door and escaped!





The next morning, Charlie brushed his teeth, got dressed, and took the stairs downstairs. Charlie suddenly remembered the monster when he saw the mess that was on the kitchen floor. Charlie called out the cleaning robot to clean up the mess, then he turned on the news channel. A reporter was standing in front of a picture of the monster and talking about how it had destroyed some food stores. It had ate everything in the stores. “Oh no!” thought Charlie. He got on his bike and pedaled out the front door. When he got to the city, Charlie followed the trail of destruction and found the hulk monster eating an ice-cream truck.  The ice-cream man was busy collecting the money that had dropped out of the truck. Charlie carefully and slowly walked up to the mini blue hulk. The monster immediately smelled Charlie and turned to face him. “Uh, hello?” he said to the monster. The monster dropped the ice-cream truck and pointed at its chest. “Me Sisi,” Charlie was taken back. The alien could speak English? “I am Charlie,” said Charlie. The ice-cream man ran off. “Come with me,” said Charlie. He led “Sisi” back to his house and to the beach. Charlie eventually called the hulk thing “Sisi Monster” and taught it how to speak more English words. Now every day, Charlie and Sisi Monster would swim in the water and race in the backyard. Sisi Monster could eat all the food in Charlie’s fridge in about an hour, and it happened many times, but soon, Charlie trained Sisi Monster to only eat when Charlie ate. Soon, they became good friends and everyone in the town got used to Sisi Monster. Charlie has to go to the store every day, now that Sisi Monster lives in his house. Charlie’s other friends love to play baseball with Sisi Monster. Everyone got along with Sisi monster.


The End.








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