Croissant Trampolines





I can’t tell you how much I love croissants. So that’s why I got so excited when I came across a trampoline fun-house. The only thing was, the trampolines were made out of huge, fluffy croissants! I literally went crazy. As is flew inside, I saw a sign that said that the admission was free! I accidently ran into a worker who was busy texting on his phone. “When did this place open?’ I asked him. He looked up from his phone. “Oh, just a few days ago.” Wow! I saw the bathroom and spotted a sign that said everyone who wanted to jump on the croissants had to take a shower and put on the suits that they provided for free. So I ran over to the bathroom and took a quick shower. Then I put on the red plastic skintight suit that was hanging on a hanger. I came out of the stall and realized that I looked like spider-man! I hurried over to the trampolines and what I saw took my breath away. Hundreds and hundreds of miles of croissants stretched out in every direction as far as my eye could see.


I flung myself off of the platform and landed sprawling on my stomach. I got up and brushed the buttery flakes off my spider-man suit. I was super-tempted to just eat a bite of croissant, but I really wanted to jump first. My legs finally got the message and responded by giving me a boost about ten feet high. “Wow!” I accidentally shouted. This place was even better than regular trampoline places. Finally, I got tired and stopped to take a break. Now I really wondered what the croissant tasted like. I stuck my hand into a croissant and ripped it off. I stuffed it into my mouth. Mmmmmm. It tasted so good, I fell asleep on top of the croissant. When I finally got up, I looked at my watch and realized it was 10:32 P.M.! That croissant was that good. Later in the night, I figured out that the croissant was really easy to mold into things, so I made myself a humongous mansion just out of mushy croissant. It had three floors and from the top floor, the croissant trampolines looked like a bunch of crescent moons in the sky. I also made a front door. In my croissant bed, I looked out the window and saw this gray looking things walking around in tattered clothes. I suddenly knew that they were zombies. I quickly went downstairs and barricaded the door with a couple of tons of croissant. Those zombies could never get through this, I thought, but when I heard the sound of chewing, I knew that the zombies were chewing through the barricade. I ran to the top of the floor and looked out the window. A mob of zombies crowded the front door. I willed my wobbling legs to stay still. Then I heard the stomping of zombie’s feet up the stairs. I had to jump out of the window. This place was not so fun after all. I jumped out the window and fell the thirty second to my doom. I hit the ground, then bounced. Oh yeah! I forgot that the croissants were trampolines!


I started trampoline running to the platform where I could escape from the zombies, but just then, I saw another mob of zombies approaching from in front of me. I jumped over them, but one zombie stiffly jumped and grabbed hold of my foot. I was going to be eaten ALIVE! The other zombies grabbed tight hold of my leg and started pulling me toward the middle of the mob. I slapped a zombie’s face, and it slipped right off! Behind the mask, I saw metal pipes and wires sticking out from everywhere. All these zombies were all robots! Whew, that really scared the lights out of me. But the zombies kept trying to bite my leg! One zombie pulled off the all of the pipes and wires on its face, and I saw that these zombies were real zombies! I quickly pulled away and super-jumped onto the platform. The zombies below me moaned in rage. I read a sign on the wall that said: BEWARE OF REAL ZOMBIES!  How could I have missed that?  Then again, I didn’t pay attention to any of the signs when I walked in, except for the free admission one. I was never going to eat croissants again.




The end.


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