The Free Arrow

There was once a boy named Nevile, and he never knew his own strength. One day, Nevile had purchased a bow and arrow from Bow and Arro-World, and he went to the archery park to shoot. Accidentally, he pointed the bow to the sky, and then the arrow flew into the air, and sped toward the sky. The arrow exited earth’s gravity, and bounced off of some space junk. Apollo 208 had just landed on the moon, and the arrow was headed straight toward the five-hundredth human being on the moon. The arrow was going faster than the speed of sound, but you couldn’t hear anything because there is no air in space. The arrow knocked Sergeant Williams to the ground just as he was sticking an American flag into the moon, and punctured his air-tank. Air spilled out everywhere, a milky white substance just floating around, and the arrow hit the moon’s surface. Sergeant William had enough time to get to his feet and bolt to the Apollo 208’s lunar module and get inside before the air leaked all out. He tuned into Houston’s radio, and told them that he had just got hit by a mysterious long thingy and it punctured his oxygen tank, but he got inside before he died. Nevile saw this all on the television, and he was so ashamed of himself that he turned himself in to the police, and he went to jail for the rest of his life. But then the arrow exploded. It had been the wrong type of arrow, the one that explodes. The arrow shot off the moon. There had been a high-definition camera in the arrow, and Nevile watched as the arrow sped toward another universe. And he could see it all on his phone in the jail-cell. Nevile gave the phone to NASA, which they used to explore space. They also got Nevile out of jail, and he never used the bow and arrow again.

General Sasha and the army of the mutant ants.

Chapter One

A New Beginning


There once existed a house on 12 Primate Drive that had an infestation of tiny black ants.  There were literally everywhere, and the people who lived there had to wear plastic clothes that covered their whole body so the ants wouldn’t bite them. One day, a twelve year old who lived next door to 12 Primate Drive bought a couple of ant killers, placed them around the house, and mixed anti-freeze and hot-sauce with the liquid killer. The ants were supposed to drink it, and then bring it to their nest so the other ants would be killed. But Robert,  the boy who put the ant killers outside of 12 primate drive had made a terrible mistake.

Three days later, about 90% of the ants had been killed, but the other 10% of the ants where in pain and agony. Somehow, the anti-freeze and hot-sauce had mixed together in the ants stomach, and the ant had became a mutant! Ants doubled and tripled in size as they grew razor sharp fangs. The people who lived in 12 Primate drive jumped out of the second floor windows because they were so scared of the mutant ants mutating. One ant named Anthor, (Ant Thor!) grew so big, he broke the roof of the second floor. The house’s pet anteater tried to eat Anthor with little success, and in the end, Anthor swallowed the anteater whole, licking his bloody fangs. The rest of the ants grew as big as Anthor, and they stomped around the neighborhood, eating pet anteaters, dabbing, and stuffing themselves full with pickles. Just then, a cat by the name of Sasha ran onto the street. Sasha had the gift of telepathy with the ants. She ordered them (somehow) to stop dabbing and march in a straight line in front of Sasha. Then she ordered them to do the Gangnam style dance. Then the ants marched in line order toward the entrance of the neighborhood. Anthor had the honor of letting General Sasha stand on his hairy head. They marched out of the neighborhood, dabbing wildly, to who knows where.

The Revenge of Lil’ Billeh Junior I

Ever heard of “Billa the Bum”? Well, Billa had a son named Little Billeh, or Lil’ Billeh for short. Lil’ Billa was the complete opposite of genius, and if he ever needed to add one plus one, he would think it was purple. Lil’ Billa lived in the basement of the Empire State Building. Everyday, Lil’ Billeh would walked out, disguised as a homeless person, which he really was, people would feel sorry for him, and throw him money, and each day, he would earn a couple hundred dollars. Lil’ Billeh had amassed a fortune of just walking down the streets. People were tired of giving money to him, and they needed to get their revenge. But Lil’ Billeh had a lot of leverage. He had threatened to collapse  the Empire State Building, so people stopped mobbing him and gave him more money. Lil’ Billeh was so rich that Bill Gates was like a homeless old hag compared to Lil’ Billeh. Lil’ Billeh had some plumbers install a XXXXXXXtraLLLLLarge Jacuzzi in the basement of the Empire State Building. It was even bigger than an Olympic sized swimming pool. Billeh did laps in his pool, burning blubber and fat like nobodies business. Soon, the pool was filled with just sweat, and when Lil’ Billeh jumped in, sweat flooded the basement. One day, skinny Lil’ Billeh jumped into his pool, only to find that the sweat had been drained by the plumbers, who were tired of sweat flooding the basement of the empire state building. Lil’ Billeh tried to land on his feet, but he splattered against the bottom of the pool, shaking the whole basement of the Empire State Building. Huge tremors cracked the support beams that held up the massive building, and the Empire State Building collapsed, right on top of Lil’ Billeh. Five weeks later, the wreckage of the Empire State Building had been cleared, and his “Man Cave” had been looted of its five billion dollars.  Lil’ Billeh’s wish had come true, to one day destroy the Empire State Building, but his wish had taken his life with it.


The End.

The Flight Simulator X

Yesterday, the CPU for the Flight Simulator finally arrived! I set it up, but the computer only had eight GB of RAM, and we had ordered 16. I installed FSX, configured the rudder pedals and the yoke. Then I had to call Microsoft to make sure that the Flight Simulator wasn’t a copy or something. My mom is a Pilot, and she flies a Piper Cherokee, so I went to and installed a Piper Cherokee so fly on the simulator, but something was wrong with that airplane, so I went to a different website to install the Piper Cherokee, got it on a flash drive, and went up to our room to install the airplane on FSX. But something was wrong with the rudder pedals, and whenever I tried to use the brakes, the airplane would veer to the left or right, so I got a “driver”, which was really a plugin, I thought it was a driver, and got it on FSX. But the rudder still didn’t work, so the next morning, my dad got the real driver, and now it works. On the website, I also saw a bunch of fighter jets, and even an Airbus 380, and the file was so big, it couldn’t even fit on the flash-drive! But something was wrong with the brakes on the rudder pedals, so I couldn’t use the brakes yet. Then I went to the local airport, took off, completed the pattern, and landed again. Without even crashing! You could choose from about fifty different airplanes, including sea-planes, Lear-jets, and even a Boeing 747. But I could only go on the Flight Simulator after 9:00. Bah!

Da Phantom 3 Standard and how it changed the world

Last week, the Phantom 3 Standard finally arrived in the package! I had carefully, very carefully unpacked the box, and recorded a video about it. Then I twisted on the propellers, but on the stickers on the drone body, and searched the whole house for the eight double A battery for the remote to turn on. I connected my iPhone to the drone’s camera, then me and my dad drove to Upper cove springs to fly it. It was about 2:30, and I only wanted to go at that time so that I could easily see the drone, and it wouldn’t get lost when I landed it in the tall grass. My dad and my other two brothers did a fight scene, and I recorded it with the drone. Then I flew out of the signal range, and it rose a couple of hundred feet in the air, and flew right to where I was! Now it wouldn’t fly away when it got disconnected with the remote. We drove back home an hour later (I had ordered two batteries, and switched them out when the first battery ran out), and I printed out a logo for my Aerial Imaging company, and taped it on to the drone. Then I wrote my address on the bottom, in case it flew away and someone could return it to me, and went to sleep. The next morning, Mommy had a play-date with Ms. Amelia, Rose, and Julian, so I brought along my dear drone, and my two dear batteries, and flew my drone the whole time, recording the play-date. I told Ms. Amelia about my business, and she said she wanted to hire me to take a picture of her house that she was trying to rent out, so the same day, we drove to her house, and I took a bunch of pictures of her house, HD quality. Ms. Amelia wanted to pay me a couple hundred dollars, but instead just payed me fifty dollars! I took home the cash, and put it in my wallet so the next time I went to the bank, I could deposit it. Ms. Amelia told her friends about my business, and Ms. Amelia’s friends told their friends and suddenly I had like fifteen people wanting me to take pictures of their house! I calculated that if I charged them all fifty dollars for the images, I would make about 750 dollars!!!!!! The whole town recognized me as “The Drone Dude,” and each time I walked down to the library, people would ask me to take pictures of their houses! I was making like a thousand dollars a month! I couldn’t believe it! Even the government wanted me to take pictures of the Capital building downtown, and they paid me five-hundred dollars! I was making more money than all of the people in our neighborhood combined! Three months later, I had half a million dollars, and was the richest twelve-year-old in the State, and maybe even the country! Sasha, a kitten water was released, and it sold out immediately in the book-stores, making approximately 1.5 billion dollars, breaking every record in the world of the best-selling book. Then, Guinness World Records crowned me the richest twelve-year-old in the WORLD! Me and J.K. Rowling collaborated on an awesome story, but I can’t tell you because it top secret. Then, bought my own airplane, and started flying all over the world to advertise my books and drone services (I had a company for the drone services), and millions of dollars started rolling in. The President of the United States even invited me to a dinner at the white house! I gave charity 7.9 million dollars, and I bought my own MacBook Pro and iMac with Bluetooth!! I bought a regular house, it had a Jacuzzi, two cats, Sasha and Waffle, and a Flight Simulator, which actually moved whenever you moved the flight controls. Frankfort was actually put on the map, and instead of Kentucky, they made Frankfort the bigger than the state! I created my own airlines, and a fleet of airplane, and called the company Yllus Airways. Yllus airways was always the cheapest airline, and for a two-way flight, would cost 150 dollars. There was also a little petting area in the airplane where little children could play with cats or dogs. I had my own personal Bombardier Learjet that was custom painted blue, red, and white, my favorite colors. I had a fleet of fifty Phantom 4 Pro drones, waiting for one of my employees to get a call from a drone customer, and they would grab one and the remote, drive to the person’s house, and fly it to take images. The payment was fifty dollars an image, and people were very willing to pay that, especially my fans.

The Starving Games

Chapter One


The Starving Games in pretty simple. Twelve people are dropped in a Candy-land, where everything is made out of food. You cannot eat, except in the morning and evening time, and have to try to last where everything is made out of candy, and try not to get fat, or over 150 pounds on the scale, which are everywhere. You have ever person who gains over 150 pounds is automatically disqualified. You have to last four weeks on that, or until a person finds the way out of the Candy-land, (There is a way) eating only in the morning and evening.

The Starving Games has only been going on for about two decades, but people are already afraid of losing. The person who is disqualified has to get his city to pay the owners of the Candy-land 1.5 million dollars, and the only cities who haven’t lost in the history of the Candy-land, are the Utopia, the richest city, Moguter, one of the middle class cities, and Qoue, the poorest. Don’t they have very weird names? Well I think so too. This year, I was chosen to play in the Starving Games, or as my city calls it, Death by starving surrounded by food. My home was in the city of Moguter, the middle class city. It was a red brick house, but was very large, because it used to be where a small rebellion used to meet back in the 2000’s. It is now 4056, and scientists have figured out how to construct flying cars, an unlimited source of fuel that doesn’t do one drop of pollution to the world, and breathable water. Inside the Candy-land, there is breathable water, but only in the middle. But the only problem is that there are candy killer whales, which will eat you, (not really) and you will be disqualified. The Starving Games begin in less than a week, so I have to be very prepared and fly the long five day journey to the Candy-land, where me and the other twelve people will be briefed, and then trapped in the Candy-land for four weeks. My hope is that I can find the exit to the Candy-land, so I can end the Starving Games earlier than supposed, and go back to my house. I inserted a fuel nugget in the airplane, which would last about a year, and took out the old one, which had been used for almost five years, proof that the fuel could last longer than a year. I got in the flying car, waved good-bye to my family, and took off out of the garage. Wind blew my hair in directions that even I didn’t know, as I ascended to the proper altitude, about two miles above the atmosphere, and started the long journey. I turned on the oldies, Taylor Swift and that stuff, and flew forward, going about mach 75. I was only five miles of my five-hundred miles that I still had left. I hoped I could get there in time.


The End of Chapter One.

Billa the Bum

There once lived a fat, grumpy old dude named Billa. He was about fourteen years old, but he didn’t know how to read or write, much less speak like a proper human being. One time Billa went to the store to buy some pig stomachs. Billa liked to deep-fry them and stuff the disgusting things with melting ice-cream. Billa considered it a delicacy, and when people wouldn’t eat it, Billa became offended, and the person would run for his or her life, because when Billa got mad, you didn’t want to be in the same zip-code as him. Billa lived in a shack off of Marigold street,  right under the old stop sign that had fallen over because Billa had gotten mad and yeah. Even the police were scared of Billa, and because he was so blubbery and jiggly and fat, bullets bounced off of him. He was virtually bullet-proof. The SWAT and other police forced had tried to overtake Billa, but Billa just opened his huge mouth and swallowed the poor SWAT team whole. After a while, the police had lost more than a thousand cops that died fighting Billa, and they built a unbreakable fence around where Billa lived, but Billa had just ran into the fence, and caused a riot in the streets. Eventually, the police had learned never to mess with Billa, or the results were brutal. Every time Billa walked down the street, people locked their reinforced steel doors with a couple of metal dead-locks, and crawled to higher ground. One day, Billa was walking down the deserted street, when a flaming asteroid hit Billa right in the Bum, and the asteroid bounced right off, melting some of Billa’s blubber, and propelling Billa a couple miles forward, his face digging a trench in the road. The asteroid had bounced up so violently and fast, it disappeared, and destroyed the Moon, all thanks to Billa. On the news, someone had recorded a video of that happening, and Billa expected himself to be the savoir of the world, but instead was looked upon as a blubbery old homeless person who caused the moon to explode.  “Billa you Bum!” shouted the President, as he flew over Billa in an army helicopter. The president shot a double crossed Mach 9001 bazooka at Billa, which bounced off of Billa, obliterating the street and houses around him, and destroying the helicopter which the president was in. The president died tragically, thanks to Billa. The charred bits of the helicopter slowly floated down to the ground, except the double crossed Mach 9001 bazooka. It was left unfazed. Billa grabbed it, pointed it down his gullet, and fired it. An immense fireball was formed, and before Billa could turn it around, the fireball disappeared down Billa’s throat and exploded inside of him. Billa vomited his intestines, which splattered blood on the street, and some people even recorded the destruction of Billa himself. Billa took a last breath, rasping that all he wanted was some fried pig stomach and ice-cream, and fell down, dead. People all over the world (and even the martians on the now destroyed moon) cheered, but stopped when they saw the charred bits of the president, who had “Sacrificed” himself to kill Billa. People put Billa’s intestines in a museum to honor the President, and the double crossed Mach 9001 bazooka was the most praised weapon of the century.


The End




Well, not really… 😛

When Billa had killed the President, the moon’s fragments (which were somehow magnetic) attracted each other, and Trion 69 formed, having both a magnetic core and able to sustain human beings because of the lakes and rivers that had formed when the asteroid landed on the remaining moon fragments. Billa (the bum) had created a whole new type of planet, one that people on earth could live on. He was praised (his holy dream) all around the world, and when Apollo 91 landed on Trion 69, they developed whole colonies on the strange planet, but when Aerth (Trion 69’s moon) exploded, Trion 69 was doomed.


Positive The End.

The Shoeless Girls


Once upon a time, there lived a little girl. Her name was Emily, and she was eleven years old. She had run away from her parents, because she had wanted shoes, but her parents were very mean, and told her to make her own. Emily was very mad that day, and at night, when everyone was asleep in the house, Emily jumped out of the third story window. Emily would have probably plunged to the ground, hit her head on the sharp rock that was right under the window, and died instantly. But what happened was probably a miracle. Emily fell a couple feet, and suddenly floated up! Emily was so surprised, she let out a yelp that awoken the dog, which started barking like crazy. Emily pointed forward, and she started flying in the way that she wanted! Emily pointed straight forward, and she started flying the speed of sound to who-knows-where. The dog (which was Emily’s dog) broke her chain and started trying to jump over the fence. But Emily was going way too fast to be caught. Emily hooted in happiness, to be able to fly, and to be able to get away from her mean parents. Emily Suddenly felt so tired. She hadn’t had a nap for the whole day, and didn’t know how to land! Emily tried to stop flying, but she was too tired to even lift her hand up for her to see. Emily fell asleep, still flying to who-knows-where. The next morning, Emily found herself in a dense jungle, laying in the canopy of a huge mango tree. “Where am I?” Emily wondered out loud. There were a couple of deliciously ripe fruits hanging from leaves. MMMmmm. Emily picked one off, peeling off the skin with her hands, and bit into the yellow mango. Juice ran down Emily’s mouth, and she looked like a savage. The mango was so delicious, Emily almost fainted. After a couple of second, Emily had finished the mango, and the huge seed was the only thing left. There was sticky mango juice everywhere, including Emily’s hair. Emily picked mango after mango, stuffing them in her mouth. There was a huge pile of mango seeds on the jungle floor below where Emily was sitting. Emily was so sticky, that if she put her hands together, waited a couple of seconds, and tried to pull them apart, nothing would happen, except when she would lick her hands. Emily had to get out of the forest, wash herself, and see where she was. Emily remembered how she had flown away from her house and escaped the jail-like place. Emily got up onto her shoeless feet, which was really hard since she was trying to balance on a thin mango tree branch, and jumped off of it. She pointed a little bit forward, and just before she hit the even stickier pile of mango pits, she zoomed forward, and almost hit another mango tree. She was surrounded in trees! There wasn’t even a crack where Emily could squeeze out from between the trees. The only place she could get out of the place was to fly upwards, about a couple hundred feet, and then she would be out of the mango tree place. But how would she fly up? She didn’t even know how to land on the ground! But Emily tried anyways. She jumped up, and though up all the ways to fly upwards, but Emily just fell to the ground. “Humph!” Emily was mad, even madder than the maddest person in the world of maddest persons who are mad. Emily was steamed. She tried one more time, and this time, it worked! Emily was able to fly straight up into the air, clearing the mango tree line, and straight up into a huge dense cloud. It was freezing cold, and water droplets stuck to her like glue. Then suddenly, Emily had an idea! She stuck her hands even deeper into the clouds, and got them soaking wet. She rubbed them together like she was washing her hands with soap and water, and the mango stickiness came right off. She washed her arms, shoeless feet, and hair, which stuck together in sticky clumps thanks to the mango juice. Emily flew up even higher, and the water came off of her because Emily was going so fast. She shot straight up about a mile up, and looked down below. The clouds had faded away, revealing a huge island surrounded by blackish looking water. There was some red tinge to it, which made it look like blood. The island was surrounded with mango trees, Emily could tell by the shape of the leaves, but the middle of the island was bare, except for a forest here and there, and some villages. Villages! Emily stopped thinking about floating in the air, and dropped. Emily’s hair immediately felt like it was going to rip off as she fell down a ten feet a second. She was heading straight for the black water! Emily pointed in the direction of the villages, thought of floating, and slowly started slowing down. Below her, the black water made weird waves. Suddenly, there was a huge burst of bubbles from below the surface, and a humongous shark leaped above the water, and nipped at Emily’s feet.  It fell back in the water, gravity pulling it back down, but Emily screamed in fright, and zoomed off before the shark could jump up again and swallow her completely. She zoomed right over the village, where a bunch of people where crowded around a bonfire. There was a turkey over the fire, and Emily could smell the delicious smells. There was also a basket of different types of mangos sitting in the basket. So the people did eat the mangos! Then, someone spotted her, and started yelling at the people sitting around the bonfire. They too looked up, and were amazed at the sight of Emily floating over the fire. She looked down, and saw that the people were trying to jump up to get her down from the air!


Emily herself didn’t know how to get down from the air. Did she have to think about wanting to touch the ground? Maybe! Emily concentrated as hard as she could, yearning to touch the ground. She even started to sweat, because the temptation to touch the ground was so much. Then suddenly, Emily started to descend! The people were jumping over each other, shouting in foreign languages, trying to reach Emily. Emily decided that landing in a tree would be better, so the people couldn’t trample her. She rose a little bit in the air, and floated off to the nearest mango tree, which was a couple yards away. Emily landed in the lowest branch, which groaned and creaked under her ninety-pound weight, but it surprisingly held. Emily dropped to the soft padded ground, and the people rushed forward to meet her. “Hello! Hi!” The people who lived here didn’t understand her language, but she used her hands to speak, and they understood her. “Yah! Yah!” Some man with huge feathers on his head shouted to the people, and they backed away, leaving Emily some space to walk forward. Some older women lead Emily to a warm hut, that had some clothes and water and food in it. Emily was hungry. No, she was starving. That flying had really exhausted her, and she wanted to sleep, eat, and sleep some more.

After Emily had got dressed and stuffed with this really delicious mango, something the women called “mango chow”. It was really good, and was a little bit spicy and salty, but Emily had depleted them off the mango chow, and the women had gone to make some more, making signs with their hands, telling Emily to take a nap. They had led Emily to another empty hut, but the floor was covered in soft straw. Emily took a nap, and by the time she had woken, it was daytime. The women were right over Emily’s head, gawking at her like crows. “Gah!!!” Emily jumped up, and accidentally flew up, and made a hole in the roof, flying above the tree canopy, and into the clouds. “Opps!” Emily though to herself. She had broken the roof of the hut! Emily flew back down, and accidentally performed a backflip. Some of the people clapped and cheered, some stomping up and down in delight, thinking Emily had done it on purpose. Emily landed back on the now broken roof of the napping house. Those ladies who were standing right over her had really spooked her! Did they not understand that? Emily jumped off of the hut roof, and landed on the soft dirt floor with a bow. The people applauded her, but the ladies walked over, and dragged Emily back to the broken roof of the hut. Emily was scared, either at the fact that she would have to fix the roof, or the stranger women would get mad at her, and kick her out of their village. But the ladies were actually smiling and grinning! The one all the way to the right started making hand gestures that look like she was dancing to a song, but what Emily translated as “We really needed that hole in the roof! It was starting to get hot in the house at night, and we couldn’t figure out how to make the hut cooler! So thank you!” Emily made up some sign language that said “Your welcome! Do you have any more mango chow?” The women laughed like that was so funny, and lead Emily out of the napping hut, and walked over to another huge hut, this time, there was no roof. There were just walls, and a frame where the roof should be.

“What is this place?” Emily forgot that the people didn’t speak English, and blurted that out loud. “You speak English!?” one of the women spun around, surprised. “Yes!” Emily was super happy that someone actually spoke English. The girl was about fifteen years old, and looked about two feet taller than Emily. “My name is Emily!” Emily said. “And my name is ____”

Selling Books

Last night, we drove to Lexington. I was in trouble for throwing a shoe (That didn’t even hit her) at the brat Kiara. The shoe bounced off the umbrella, and Kiara went crying home as if I had murdered her, which I had not. I got in serious trouble for a shoe that didn’t hit Kiara. I told you, she is a little brat.

We went to the masjid, and I broke my fast. Then we prayed Magrib. Himi is a huge traitor. He went on Kiara‘s side, even though he is my little brother. I told him that if he likes Kiara so much, he should marry her. I’ll never trust Himi now on. And now I’m not even allowed near Kiara‘s house, because the big brat is now making lies about me. She even threw a knife at me, and acting like she didn’t. But a brother at the masjid said never to argue with women, because if you win the argument, you lose anyway. So next time I see the little brat, I’ll say “I’m not going to argue with babies”.

After Magrib, we ate dinner outside in the tent, and it was time to go home.  We drove around, and I saw Sister Sabura sitting on her truck. Luckily, I had brought some of my books. I walked up to her, and told her that this was my second book, and that it was ten dollars. She said that she didn’t have any money, but told me that her husband, brother Omar, did. I walked inside the masjid, and sold two Witch’s Curse books to Brother Malik, and Brother Omar. I could’ve sold more, but we had to leave. I had made $20, plus the other ten dollars that I had earned tutoring this kid named Lucas scratch! Next time we go to the masjid, I am going to sell ALL of my books at the masjid, and then I can buy my drone. And then I will not share it with Kiara or the traitor Himi. I’ll probably hook up a bucket of water

How Yllus the king ruled the world

There once lived an almighty king named Yllus, which is Sully backwards. He ruled the whole world, which was a very excruciating job. He had to make sure that U.S.A was not trying to steal any land from Canada, and that Africa was not trying to take over Mexico, and so on. Yllus had an army of five-hundred cats, each which razor sharp claws and titanium armor. If a country refused to listen to Yllus, and challenged him to a war, Yllus would simply command his cats to attack the country, but Yllus was merciful. He didn’t kill people. The cats would just order the country up, and the president of that country would be so scared, he would forget his/her anger and back down. Then Yllus would call his cats back. It was the year 5067, and humans were just starting to make colonies on Pluto. Year by year, the humans conquered each planet. The moon was first, since it was so close to the earth. Then Mars, then Neptune, then Uranus, etc. Humans had even started to live on the sun! It may seem all science fiction, but Yllus had used several heat resistant glass sheets, which were about a half mile thick, and placed it over the sun. The glass was resistant to all heat, including the sun. Now the sun had a glass covering over it, which wasn’t even hot, since the glass was half a mile thick. It actually felt cold under the people’s feet. Everything on the sun was made out of glass, so the houses couldn’t block out any light from the sun, and make earth go dark. The glass also had a specially made tint, to make the rays of the sun darker, so it couldn’t blind people. But that had gone wrong, and people just had to wear sun-glass contacts, which were sunglasses simplified into contact lenses. Yllus wanted to live on the moon, but he couldn’t, because King Yllus ruled earth. So some scientists just captured a couple gallons of moon air and put it in a special space, so air wasn’t allowed in. The moon air was released into the room, and King Yllus could actually float in the moon air, but with a special helmet of course, so Yllus could float. Yllus treasured his “moon-air-room” he called it, which he bought for a hundred thousand dollars. In his free time, Yllus would practice doing back-flips and programming in there. King Yllus was thirteen years old, super young to be the king of the world, but no one challenged him, because he was the King. The FAA had also made a rule that only applied to him, that he had a private pilot license, even though you had to wait to be fifteen for that. King Yllus knew how to fly. He could fly a Boeing 747, an Falcon fighter-jet, a Cessna, a Airbus 380, anything.